remove deleted plugins from AC_CONFIG_FILES
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] /
2012-09-17 remove deleted plugins from AC_CONFIG_FILES
2012-09-13 radxnlwizard: remove default files, channels and stb presets
2012-08-31 restructure DREAMBOX conditionals
2012-08-31 fix DREAMBOX conditionals
2012-08-31 set DREAMBOX define on Dreambox hardware
2012-08-20 pieterghttpstream: add basic http authentication support
2012-06-03 radxnlenigma2: add new rc_type to
2012-06-01 radxnlenigma2: add matching remote control picutres
2012-05-16 pieterglcd: remove the need for dbox includes
2012-03-03 Mike LooijmansNon-recursive makefile part 2
2012-03-03 Mike LooijmansConvert c++ part to use non-recursive Makefile
2012-02-13 vusolo, uno and ultimo don't support...
2011-09-23 pietergadd VideoClippingSetup plugin
2011-08-13 pietergadd HdmiCEC setup plugin
2011-05-02 Mike LooijmansCreate PLi plugins subdir
2011-02-16 Mike LooijmansAdd --with-oldpvr configure option (e.g. 7025)
2011-01-31 pietergset HAVE_TEMPFANCONTROL for dm500hd
2011-01-20 pietergintroduce HAVE_TEMPFANCONTROL automake conditional
2011-01-19 pietergadd a few automake conditionals (dreambox, dm8000)
2011-01-19 pietergremove SoftwareUpdate and ConfigurationBackup plugins
2011-01-15 Mike LooijmansIntegrate DVD playback into Enigma2
2011-01-14 pietergvuduo: fixup the remote control identification string
2011-01-14 pietergvuduo: do not use accelerated fill, not supported
2011-01-12 pietergframebuffer acceleration: force alpha blending support...
2011-01-12 re-introduce the dm8000 KEY_PLAY/KEY_PLAY...
2011-01-11 Mike LooijmansMerge remote branch 'dream/master'
2010-12-31 Mike LooijmansRecurse into network path, more build fixes
2010-12-30 Mike LooijmansMega-Merge remote branch 'dream/master' into mm
2010-12-30 Mike LooijmansMerge branch 'master' into mm
2010-12-25 pietergadd OSD3DSetup plugin
2010-12-25 pietergadd OSDPositionSetup plugin, to compensate for TV overscan
2010-12-18 Mike No alsa mixer
2010-12-18 Mike LooijmansMerge commit '97b86324d322309843cc5d9d93b039d706c5ae58...
2010-12-18 Mike LooijmansMerge commit '493b7f189680b24565dbcd5b0233577c14930cdf...
2010-12-18 Mike LooijmansMerge commit '567cdcb4aca0b40ec7017459642f135d6139e585...
2010-12-18 Mike LooijmansMerge commit 'c97e30c087c5435db3861d53f89fd59576be03f6...
2010-12-01 Andreas Oberritterupdate and install enigma2.pc
2010-12-01 Andreas move some gettext checks to conditional...
2010-12-01 Andreas set package version to 3.0.0
2010-11-25 Mike fix typo
2010-11-25 Mike LooijmansInstall display skin based on autoconf settings
2010-11-23 Andreas Oberritterconfigure: make --without-po the default (refs #425)
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterautomake: disable portability warnings
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterinstall keymaps
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterconfigure: disable updates of po files if --without...
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterbsod: use simple XML generator
2010-11-16 Andreas compatibility for Debian lenny
2010-11-16 Andreas OberritterAdd abstract class gMainDC as an interface for gFBDC...
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterautomake: enable silent rules if available
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterfix configure in OE 1.6
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterfurther updates to the build system, generate
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterclean up build
2010-11-16 Andreas add
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterconfigure/m4: use PKG_CHECK_MODULES, update
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterclean up build #2
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterconfigure/m4: update some macros (autoupdate)
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberrittermove m4 macros to subdirectory, update ax_python_devel.m4
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterlibopen: build with libtool
2010-10-16 Mike LooijmansMerge commit 'aba883a3a868d503ed7cefa5e5efb111c579be8e...
2010-10-06 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #467
2010-09-21 acid-burnEnigma2-meta: rework plugin meta files and prepare...
2010-09-21 acid-burnEnigma2-meta: rework plugin meta files and prepare...
2010-07-14 pietergdm8000 input device: fix play/pause key event
2010-06-10 ghostRevert "resize InfoBarSummary for 96x64 displays"
2010-04-28 Stefan Plueckenresize InfoBarSummary for 96x64 displays
2010-04-09 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #467
2010-04-03 Mike LooijmansMerge commit 'dream/master'
2010-03-30 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #444
2010-03-13 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #444
2010-03-02 Mike LooijmansUse alternate skin_text.xml on systems with only a...
2010-01-28 pietergMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-01-05 ghostMerge remote branch 'remotes/origin/fantempplugin'
2010-01-05 pietergalsa support: configure custom alsa mixer name for...
2010-01-02 pietergdisable alsa and textlcd options by default
2010-01-01 pietergMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-12-30 pietergadded support for ascii lcd devices (disabled by default)
2009-12-30 pietergadded alsa volumecontrol support (disabled by default)
2009-12-11 thedocMerge branch 'fantempplugin' into experimental
2009-12-07 thedocfirst working version of TempFanControl plugin with...
2009-11-25 acid-burnEnigma2-Metainformations: - update all Meta Informations
2009-11-11 pietergMerge git://
2009-11-06 acid-burnEnigma2-SystemPlugins: -move NetworkWizard and Wireless...
2009-09-21 pietergMerge commit 'dream/master'
2009-09-21 acid-burnEnigma2: add VideoEnhancement plugin to SystemPlugins...
2009-09-14 pietergadded CableScan support
2009-09-14 pietergadded FastScan support
2009-09-14 pietergPLi changes, sorry, had to rebase, so no history
2009-08-27 acid-burnEnigma2: add CleanupWizard to SystemPlugins and Enigma2...
2009-08-18 Andreas Oberritteradd Makefiles to include/ and lib/dvb/lowlevel/
2009-08-16 Felix Domkeenable metadata install, install into /usr/share/enigma...
2009-07-29 acid-burnadd CrashlogAutoSubmit Plugin for automatic crashlog...
2009-07-20 acid-burnsome more work on plugin manager
2009-06-16 ghostadd plugin to connect via builtin modem to internet...
2009-03-26 Andreas Oberritteroptionally link to libxine
2009-03-26 Andreas Oberritterfix typo
2009-03-17 ghostAdd plugin to assign service / providers / caids to...
2009-03-04 Felix Domkealso support libgif
2009-02-13 acid-burnRevert "really only show accessible devices"
2009-02-13 acid-burnremove IPKGInstaller and ConfigurationBackup