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2013-09-20 LittlesatOptimize some pngs with optipng
2013-05-05 persianprosadd Kurdish language/translation by dimili21
2012-10-04 pietergLanguageSelection: allow ll_LL.png as flag image name
2012-10-04 pietergadd brazilian to the language selection list
2012-03-08 pietergadd Hebrew support (by Persian Prince)
2012-03-08 pietergPersian language support (by Persian Prince)
2011-11-04 Mike LooijmansAdd Bulgarian (bg) language
2011-09-03 Mike LooijmansShrink png files
2010-04-23 Mike LooijmansImproved Thai flag
2010-04-20 Mike LooijmansAdd Thai flag
2009-10-09 Felix DomkeAdd estonian language, thanks to Arvo
2009-08-18 Andreas Oberritterset permissions to 644 for data files
2009-08-18 Andreas Oberritterremove obsolete .cvsignore files
2009-08-18 Andreas Oberritterdo not use wildcards, because it breaks builds outside...
2009-08-15 Andreas OberritterMakefile.am: use dist_*_DATA to include data files...
2009-08-15 Andreas Oberritterupdate all Makefile.am files
2009-08-04 ghostadd slovakian language
2009-08-03 ghostdata/countries/yu.png: update slovenian flag
2009-07-30 ghostadd serbian language (thx to majevica)
2009-02-15 Felix Domkeadd latvian language
2008-11-26 Felix Domkeadd frisian language, update language cache
2008-11-16 Felix Domkeadd ukrainian (uk) language
2007-07-29 Felix Domkeadd lt flag
2006-10-06 Felix Domkeadd picture
2006-08-04 Felix Domkefix icelandic flag, thanks to kosy
2006-04-23 Felix Domkedenmark is dk, not da
2006-01-19 Felix Domkeremove wrongly named country
2006-01-19 Felix Domkeit's still ae, not ar
2006-01-18 Andreas Oberrittersome cvsignore files
2006-01-11 Stefan Plueckenadd arabic to the language list
2006-01-10 Felix Domkeupdate arabic flag
2005-12-10 Stefan Plueckenadd flag-pictures