InfoBarGenerics: Avoid GSOD for plugins that use NumberZap
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / data / defaults / Dream /
2010-11-15 ghostshow all services list on first start, when the favouri...
2010-11-05 ghostadd more 7020hd changes
2010-06-01 ghostdm800se support
2010-05-04 ghostdm800se support
2010-03-30 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #444
2010-03-13 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #444
2009-08-18 Andreas Oberritterdo not use wildcards, because it breaks builds outside...
2009-08-15 Andreas use dist_*_DATA to include data files...
2009-08-15 Andreas Oberritterupdate all files
2009-04-03 ghostremoved no more needed lamedb.192.. its moved to a...
2008-07-14 Stefan Plueckenadd specific rc settings to diffrent box defaults:
2008-07-11 Stefan Plueckeninstall *.info instead of only
2008-04-29 Stefan Plueckendon't install settings file
2008-04-28 Stefan Plueckenprevent installing test directory "packages"
2008-04-28 Stefan Plueckendefault wizard