add vusolo4k remotecontrol
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / data / rc_models / rc_models.cfg
2016-01-04 technladd vusolo4k remotecontrol
2015-11-23 technlAdd Xsarius fusionhdse remotecontrol picture.
2015-11-22 imsuse hd1100 remote control in help screen for hd1200 too
2015-09-19 technlAdd remote-control picture for Xsarius box
2015-09-13 technlAdded HD1200 remote control
2014-12-17 Erik Slagtercosmetic: rc_models.cfg, remove ws at eol.
2014-12-17 add remote for hd models
2014-12-07 technladd vuzero remote control
2014-10-26 Techremote controls: add correct identifier for et7500...
2014-10-10 Erik Slagterremote control: add xtrend xt7x00 remote control.
2014-10-02 imsupdated help screen for Formuler1
2014-08-23 Erik Slagterrc models: add vusolose remote control.
2014-06-28 littlesatRevert "use rc type number for standard remote"
2014-06-27 nobodyuse rc type number for standard remote
2014-03-02 MirakelsRcModel: refactor to allow support of all receivers