filepush.h: Get rid of IO priority parameters
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib / base / filepush.cpp
2015-12-27 Mike Looijmansfilepush.h: Get rid of IO priority parameters
2015-07-23 pietergget rid of hardcoded TS packetsize
2015-04-30 MirakelsMore debug cosmetics
2014-12-27 Mike Looijmansfilepush.cpp: Fix "kill" arguments
2014-12-27 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Get rid of eThread::sync
2014-12-23 Mike Looijmansbase/filepush.cpp: Stop background thread in eFilePushT...
2014-06-07 radxnlwhitespace fixes
2013-06-30 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Use eSingleLock and eCondition wrappers
2013-06-13 MiLofilepush: Use a condition instead of restarting a threa...
2013-04-26 imsfix compiler warning
2013-02-03 pietergfilepush: do not send evtEOF when playback is stopping
2012-11-19 pietergfix typo (occured-->occurred)
2012-11-17 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Don't use mmap
2012-10-19 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Stop sending data to mux after thread termination
2012-10-15 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Also allow interrupting EOF flush
2012-10-14 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Faster "stop" and remove unused start() methods
2012-10-14 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Reduce overly complex filterRecordData and...
2012-08-29 pietergrewrite eDVBRecordFileThread flushing strategy
2012-03-24 Mike Looijmansdemux: Increase buffer sizes. Count and report buffer...
2012-03-10 Mike Looijmansdemux et al: Use asynchronous I/O for writing recording...
2012-03-10 Mike LooijmanseFilePushThreadRecorder: Make caller the buffer owner
2012-02-18 Mike Looijmansfilepush.cpp: Show all write times (when enabled)
2012-02-11 pietergrecording: stop recording when the recording thread...
2012-02-11 pietergfilepush: wait for new data for 10s, when reaching...
2012-02-07 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Solve %d format compiler warning
2012-01-25 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Add timing printout (under define)
2011-12-20 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Let the caller decide what to do with the...
2011-12-17 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Refactor into recording and playback classes
2011-12-13 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Don't call fdatasync on exit (What's the...
2011-09-25 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Use memory mapped buffer for transfers
2010-12-30 Mike LooijmansMega-Merge remote branch 'dream/master' into mm
2010-12-08 pietergfilepush: check write result immediately after write...
2010-11-24 ghostrename iDataSource to iTsSource (no functional change)
2010-11-10 ghostmigrate eFilePushThread to new iDateSource read interfa...
2010-11-09 ghostfilepush.h/cpp: migrate to iDataSource
2010-06-19 Mike LooijmansA little refactoring in systemsettings (less code)
2010-06-19 Mike LooijmansAdd a lame very advanced settings interface for buffer...
2010-06-15 Mike LooijmansRaise time logging limits
2010-06-15 Mike LooijmansSet DONTNEED block size to 512k (like old code)
2010-06-12 Mike LooijmansUse different buffer sizes for recording and playback
2010-06-10 Mike LooijmansSupply offset to posix_fadvise(...DONTNEED)
2010-06-09 Mike LooijmansRessurrect POSIX_FADV_DONTNEED
2010-05-14 Mike LooijmansRemove posix_fadvise calls
2010-01-16 pietergfilepush: added support to read from an http stream
2009-12-26 pietergfilepush: don't attempt to do posix_fadvise on the...
2009-12-09 ghostfilepush.cpp: no infinite wait until driver EOF.. bette...
2009-12-03 ghostfilepush.cpp: remove no more needed code.. this fixes...
2009-06-16 ghostuse POLLIN instead of POLLPRI for clip buffer empty
2009-06-15 Felix Domkeuse POLLPRI instead of POLLHUP
2009-06-11 ghostfix compiler warning
2009-03-31 Felix Domkefriendlify error message
2009-03-31 Felix DomkeMerge commit 'origin/master' into tmbinc/FixTimingBugs
2009-03-02 Felix Domkereplace EOF magic by a slightly more accurate PVR EOF.
2008-11-17 Felix Domkeremove ugly SIGUSR1 loop once again
2008-01-12 Andreas Monznerdeal correct with errno
2007-05-24 Felix Domkein case of short reads, re-align with blocksize
2007-05-06 Andreas Monznerdisable log to /log.ts (was just for testing)..
2007-05-04 Felix Domkeimprove filterRecordData
2007-04-30 Felix Domkesend write error messages down to service events
2007-04-17 Felix Domkeadd stream-mode to filepush, which will retry on eof...
2007-01-30 Andreas Monzneradd a workaround to ensure that the filepush thread...
2006-06-17 Andreas MonznerI/O priority support with cfq scheduler (needs new...
2006-04-03 Felix Domkefollow eThread changes: mainly thread_running -> sync...
2006-04-03 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to do things after thread start.. but...
2006-03-21 Andreas Monznercomment out posix_fadvise call
2006-03-17 Andreas Monznerfix error handling (errno checking)
2006-03-11 Andreas Monznerincrease commit interval
2006-03-03 Felix Domkeenable playback of multifile (split) movies
2006-02-03 Felix Domkemake filterRecordData argument unsigned char*
2006-02-02 Felix Domkeadd possibliity to filter recorded data
2006-02-02 Felix Domkecontinue on EOVERFLOW, use fdatasync every now and...
2006-01-26 Felix Domkefix SG, add user events
2006-01-22 Andreas Oberritterremove generated file "config.h":
2006-01-20 Felix Domkefilepush: scatter/gather support
2006-01-20 Felix Domkedon't kill if thread isn't alive
2006-01-18 Felix Domkeexperimental PVR commit support
2006-01-17 Felix Domkefilepush: do not loop anymore on eof, but signal an...
2005-12-20 Felix Domkeimprove debug output
2005-12-04 Andreas Monznercomment out debug output
2005-11-13 Felix Domkeadd flush to filepush
2005-11-13 Felix Domkefix seeking in filepush
2005-10-25 Felix Domke - add pause/seek/resume functions to filepush
2005-10-15 Felix Domketry to use posix_fadvise, doesn't seem to reall work...
2005-08-01 Felix Domke - add looping for ts playbacks (hack for prodrive)
2005-07-28 Felix Domke - fix filepush a bit, remove debug out
2005-07-28 Felix Domke - factor out the filepusher from ts recorder