httpstream: reintroduce d318d544cf76ea58c4f12bccc0541d888af7570c:
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib / base / httpstream.cpp
2014-08-08 Erik Slagterhttpstream: reintroduce d318d544cf76ea58c4f12bccc0541d8...
2014-08-08 Erik Slagterhttpstream: fix comparison for transfer-encoding
2014-07-29 Erik Slagterhttpstream: fix off-by-one error which might result...
2014-06-07 radxnlwhitespace fixes
2014-01-27 pietergRevert "httpstream: handle chunked transfers for status...
2014-01-25 pieterghttpstream: handle chunked transfers for statuscode 200
2013-11-21 Erik Slagterhttpstream: cosmetic: code police: break up single...
2013-11-21 Erik Slagterhttpstream: compare http strings case insensitive.
2013-11-20 pieterghttpstream: use correct packetSize
2013-11-20 Alex Revetchihttpstream: align reads on the packet boundary
2013-11-20 Alex Revetchi- added chunked transfer support
2013-11-13 pieterghttpstream: provide a User-Agent
2013-11-13 pieterghttpstream: allow more than 3 redirects
2013-04-22 betacentauriconnect to TS stream in seperate thread
2013-04-02 betacentauriFix for http stream URLs and redirecting
2013-03-16 pietergintroduce common syscall wrappers, and use them
2012-10-27 Mike LooijmansiTsSource: Remove lseek()
2012-08-21 pieterghttpstream: recognise more playlist content types
2012-08-20 pieterghttpstream: add basic http authentication support
2012-08-20 pieterghttpstream: add redirect and playlist support
2012-02-10 pietergiTsSource: add method to retrieve the current stream...
2011-12-17 pieterghttpstream: split socket helper functions into baseclass
2011-07-02 pietergadd http stream iTsSource