Small adjudgement for SRT subtitles when background is enabled.
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib / gui / esubtitle.cpp
2015-09-19 littlesatSmall adjudgement for SRT subtitles when background...
2015-09-19 littlesatAdjustment for srt subtitles in case of permanent backg...
2015-09-19 littlesatAdd option to show permanent background behing subtitles
2015-04-30 MirakelsMore debug cosmetics
2015-01-17 LittlesatMake the size of the subtitles undependent from the...
2015-01-17 LittlesatStreamline the code around the pango (external) subtitles
2015-01-17 LittlesatBring back alternative coloring for pango (external...
2015-01-13 Erik Slagtersubtitles: added workaround for rendering fault when...
2015-01-10 Erik Slagtersubtitles: add dialog colourisation.
2014-11-27 LittlesateSubtitle: Solve go back to yellow for underscore
2014-11-26 LittlesatPangaSubtitles: Arrange that subtitles can be displayed...
2014-08-16 Mike Looijmansesubtitle.cpp: Don't log "subtitle timeout... hide"
2014-06-07 radxnlwhitespace fixes
2013-07-25 LittlesatFor pango subs remove italic, bold, underscore codes
2013-07-25 LittlesatMore color options for pango subtitles.
2013-05-17 Erik Slagteresubtitle.cpp: honour "rewrap subtitles" option for...
2013-05-17 Erik Slagteresubtitle.cpp: cosmetics and small optimisations
2013-05-02 pietergintroduce eConfigManager baseclass
2012-04-06 Erik Slagteresubtitle.cpp: whitespace and filemode -x
2012-01-02 LittlesatAdd relative repositioning to DVB-graphical subtitles
2012-01-02 LittlesatAdd possibility to change position of DVB-subtitles
2011-02-05 imsOption for yellow teletext subtitles and pango subtitles
2011-02-01 LittlesatUse colors instead if italic and bold for pango subtitles
2011-01-27 pietergesubtitle: remove html escapes before looking for pango...
2011-01-27 pietergcleanup indentation (mixed tabs/spaces)
2010-09-20 LittlesatAllow change the fontsize of teletekst and pango subtitles
2010-09-14 Littlesatremove strange \r from esubtitle.cpp I just added by...
2010-09-14 LittlesatMove subtitle customization custimize menu and add...
2010-08-04 LittlesatMake it possible to change the location of pango subtitles.
2010-01-22 pietergeSubtitleWidget: made subtitle font borders skinnable
2010-01-22 pietergeSubtitleWidget: improved font color and border support
2010-01-16 pietergeSubtitleWidget: use linebreaks between txt elements
2010-01-15 pietergeSubtitleWidget: use borders instead of shadows for...
2010-01-15 pietergeSubtitleWidget: apply correct background color
2010-01-15 pietergeSubtitleWidget: obey TXT subtitle settings
2010-01-15 pietergeSubtitleWidget: render txt subtitles with border inste...
2010-01-09 pietergeSubtitleWidget bugfix: don't just append eRects to...
2010-01-07 pietergteletext subtitling fixes by littlesat
2009-07-27 ghostlib/dvb/subtitle.h/cpp: cleanup, fixes for sky brazil...
2009-07-17 Felix Domkeignore empty pixmaps
2009-07-16 Felix Domkeproperly scale change regions
2009-06-19 Felix Domkealso scale invalidatesfor dvb subtitles
2009-06-08 Felix Domkeallow scale of pixmap subtitles
2009-06-03 Felix Domkeuse 720x576 subtitle pixmap, and scale to fullscreen
2009-05-27 Fraxinasmake subtitle font styles skinnable
2009-02-16 ghostmove replace_all function to base/string.h
2008-11-18 ghostesubtitle.cpp: initialize uninitialized varible......
2008-10-29 Andreas Monzneralso use refcounting for eTimers
2008-10-20 Andreas Frischhide subtitles after actual duration timeout, unescape...
2008-03-27 Andreas Monznermake eSubtitleWidget more flexible
2007-09-17 Andreas Monznerclear non processed subtitles on skip forward / backward
2007-09-05 Andreas Monznersome dvb subtitles fixes
2006-10-31 Andreas Monznermore complete implementation of national option charact...
2006-10-29 Andreas Monznerfix displaying teletext subtitle characters > 0x80
2006-10-27 Andreas Monznerfix subtitle clipping
2006-10-27 Andreas Monznerdo not reset clipping rect when draw subtitles to subti...
2006-10-25 Andreas Monznerdvb subtitles are working now
2006-06-06 Felix Domkefix
2006-06-02 Felix Domkeadd subtitle widget