OSD3DSetup: Add sanity check
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib / python / Plugins / SystemPlugins / OSD3DSetup / plugin.py
2015-07-04 littlesatOSD3DSetup: Add sanity check
2015-04-13 littlesatAdd the possibility to tag e.g. MKVs as top/bottom 3D
2015-04-01 littlesatOSD3DSetup: Remove not required lines of code
2015-04-01 littlesatOSD3DSetup: Correctly respond on changing mode when...
2015-04-01 littlesatOSD3DSetup: remove not required import
2015-03-31 littlesatDo not check for 3D when we an internet stream
2015-03-31 littlesatSevaral changes regarding auto 3D settings
2015-03-31 littlesatUse systeminfo to detect if 3D procs are available...
2015-03-31 littlesatSimplify some code around applySettings in OSD3DSetup
2015-03-26 littlesatOSD3DSetup: Do not switch to 3D when 3D mode is unknown
2015-03-26 littlesatOSD3DSetup: Only write to the procs when it is really...
2015-03-26 littlesatOSD3DSetup: avoid crash by defining a screen
2015-03-26 littlesatOSD3DSetup: Add autoswitch to 3D when service is flagge...
2012-11-16 pietergmessage cosmetics
2012-05-29 radxnlosd3dsetup: add dreambox support
2012-01-13 pietergConfigListScreen derivates: implement recursive close
2011-08-25 pietergOSD3DSetup: mode setting is a string
2011-08-24 pietergOSD3DSetup: mode is now written as string
2011-08-22 pietergOSD3DSupport: use correct 3dmode values
2010-12-25 pietergOSD plugins: config should be leading, not the current...
2010-12-25 pietergadd OSD3DSetup plugin