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[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib / python / Screens /
2016-01-12 meoMerge branch 'master' of master
2016-01-03 Mike LooijmansPEP8: Fix whitespace
2015-09-15 dpeddifix conflicts
2015-08-22 TaapatFix title translation parsing in InputBox and LocationBox
2015-06-20 meoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-06-13 Dima73add gettext title
2015-05-24 fix identation
2015-05-24 dpeddifix reading vumodel if file missing
2015-05-20 meofix last commit
2015-05-20 meoZero & Ultimo: Fix remote control number keys
2015-04-04 littlesatInputBox: do nothing with keyRight when enterring pin...
2015-03-13 littlesatParentalControl: Change the way how to change/handle...
2014-08-10 littlesatShow full screen pin input for entering protected user...
2014-08-10 littlesatFinetuning around parentalcontrol notifications
2014-06-07 radxnlwhitespace fixes
2013-10-27 TaapatScreens: small optimization- change find to in
2012-03-16 LittlesatParentalControl: Change behaviour when cancel pincode...
2012-03-16 LittlesatPinInput: Add PinInputPopup Screen when pin input is...
2012-03-11 LittlesatOnly add simple with Notifications when screen is Messa...
2012-03-11 LittlesatInputBox: add dummy simple=false to avoid GSOD
2011-03-31 Andreas Oberritterfix commit fb764c8e53e17bc3e1e806e946956f3e70792020...
2011-03-31 Andreas OberritterInputBox/Screen: remove trailing semicolon
2011-03-29 Andreas Oberrittermake switching of keyboard modes more consistent
2008-11-16 Felix DomkePatch by Moritz Venn/Anders Holst: the long awaited...
2008-10-01 Andreas Frischfix bracket bug (thanks to Nix_niX)
2008-09-30 Andreas Monzneradd missing braket
2008-09-30 Andreas Frischfix linguistic syntax
2008-02-11 Felix Domketext edit patch #5 by Anders Holst
2007-12-16 Felix Domkemany keyboard improvements by Anders Holst
2007-11-28 Felix Domkeimprove text editing. Patch by Anders Holst
2006-12-19 Andreas Monznersome python import cleanups
2006-10-11 Stefan Plueckenimprove parental control retry count
2006-10-10 Stefan Plueckenadd parental control (still somehow buggy and some...
2006-06-29 Andreas Monznersome keyboard fixes (thanks to luke_s)
2006-06-08 Andreas Monznerfix keyboard
2006-06-07 Andreas Monznermore work on keyboard support
2006-03-03 Stefan Plueckendelete characters in the InputBox with mute key
2006-03-02 Stefan Plueckenentering recording duration for instant records is...
2006-02-25 Stefan Plueckenadd InputBox screen for textual input