Satconfig: save configfile (e.g. GSOD --> not save)
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib / python / Screens /
2015-04-26 dima73Satconfig: save configfile (e.g. GSOD --> not save)
2015-02-15 imsback to TV with Menu button from choose tuner screen
2015-02-10 dima73Satconfig: Close setup and return to the line with...
2014-11-20 dima73Satconfig: Exception for config "satposdepends"
2014-11-18 dima73Add sanity check for tuners with an empty sat list.
2014-10-18 littlesatReturn option "Send DiSEqC" for simple/single LNB
2014-09-22 littlesatMake configurations for circular LNBs more convenient
2014-09-07 littlesatSatconfig: solve issue when using wizard
2014-06-16 littlesatSatconfig: small fix regarding translations
2014-06-16 littlesatAdd new satellite selection configs for rotors
2014-05-07 LittlesatSatconfig: added the latest suggestions from Huevos
2014-05-01 LittlesatAnother small satconfig optimalizations
2014-04-30 LittlesatSatconfig changes as suggested by Huevos
2014-04-24 LittlesatNimManager/Satconfig: add latest suggestions from Dima73
2014-04-21 LittlesatSatconfig: small change required for the new 64 LNBs...
2014-02-12 LittlesatUpdate config screen when selection changed by config...
2014-02-11 LittlesatBring back OK to Satconfig/Setup
2014-02-10 LittlesatSatConfig/Setup: Allow OK button to quickly select...
2013-07-27 LittlesatAdd new parameter to define the number of positions...
2012-09-23 pietergNimManager / Satconfig: correctly handle the new 'autom...
2012-09-20 pietergavoid ambiguity between SatConfig 'Mode' and video...
2012-09-20 pietergSatconfig / AutoDiseqc: remove 'auto' mode
2012-09-20 pietergSatconfig: message cosmetics
2012-09-20 pietergSatconfig: fix whitespace errors
2012-09-17 radxnlAutoDiseqc: integrate into Satconfig
2012-02-23 MirakelsImproved PositionerSetup plugin
2010-12-23 Mike LooijmansUse new driver API, Revert "Revert "fixes bug #587""
2010-10-20 Mike LooijmansRevert "fixes bug #587"
2010-10-19 Mike LooijmansMerge remote branch 'dream/master' into megamerge
2010-10-17 Mike LooijmansMerge commit 'c18bde2f75df7aa93eefbaf866d28fe1a5d290b8...
2010-10-17 Mike LooijmansMerge commit 'aba0cdf8718a41a4ac3397131b45d272d119d60b...
2010-10-17 Mike LooijmansMerge commit 'aba0cdf8718a41a4ac3397131b45d272d119d60b...
2010-10-06 ghostMerge remote branch 'origin/bug_347_adenin_unicable_xml'
2010-10-02 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #587
2010-06-08 ghostupdate unicable stuff (by adenin)
2010-06-08 ghostupdate unicable stuff (by adenin)
2010-05-08 ghostlib/python/Screens/ fixed crash on satconf...
2010-05-08 ghostlib/python/Screens/ fixed crash on satconf...
2010-04-03 Mike LooijmansMerge commit 'dream/master'
2010-03-31 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #436
2010-03-30 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #436
2010-03-30 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #436
2010-03-30 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #343
2010-03-30 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #436
2010-03-13 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #343
2010-03-12 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #445
2010-03-12 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #445
2010-02-20 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #436
2010-02-20 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #436
2010-02-06 Mike Looijmansfix E2 crash in (oudeis)
2010-02-04 pietergMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-02-04 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #380
2010-02-04 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #380
2010-01-28 pietergMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-01-24 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #380
2010-01-24 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #380
2010-01-01 pietergMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-12-29 ghostMerge branch 'bug_167_bsbe2_tone_amplitude'
2009-12-23 thedocfixes bug #273
2009-12-23 thedocfixes bug #273
2009-12-23 add possibility to change...
2009-12-23 add possibility to change...
2009-12-23 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #281
2009-11-16 Stefan Plueckenfixes bug #281
2009-09-14 pietergPLi changes, sorry, had to rebase, so no history
2009-02-24 ghostsmall optimizations and cleanups by Moritz Venn
2009-01-19 ghostadd unicable support (thx to adenin)
2008-12-16 Stefan Plueckencatch up DiseqcTest development
2008-12-13 ghostadd possibility to set manual lnb priority (only in...
2008-11-12 ghostmore flexible diseqc / sat config
2008-11-12 ghostadd possibility to set diseqc inputs to "nothing connected"
2008-10-09 Andreas Monznerfix satconfig problem (sometimes simple config was...
2008-08-08 Andreas Monznerrevert 128 LNB change... this was per Tuner
2008-08-08 Andreas Monzneradd support for up to 128 LNBs
2008-07-24 Stefan Plueckentypo
2008-07-24 Stefan Plueckenadd space
2008-07-24 Stefan Pluecken- fix configMode for DVB-T and DVB-C
2008-07-21 Andreas Monznercall saveAll from within def run... so now save connect...
2008-07-21 Stefan Plueckenreset choices of connectedTo on leaving the nim setup...
2008-07-21 Stefan Plueckenwe don't need to call saveAll for keyCancel to work...
2008-07-20 Stefan Plueckenwe should call saveAll
2008-07-20 Stefan Plueckendo some voodoo on the config list to store the connecte...
2008-07-17 Stefan Plueckenhopefully fix SatConfig (rebuilding new choices each...
2008-07-11 Andreas Monznerfix some imports
2008-07-09 Stefan Plueckensave config entries after creating them for keyCancel...
2008-07-09 Stefan Plueckenfix configmode selection in sat config (not yet working...
2008-06-26 Stefan Plueckensome restrictions for the sat setup
2008-06-26 Stefan Plueckenhandle 'equal' option in tuner config correctly for...
2008-06-26 Stefan Plueckenallow better and smarter configuration for > 2 nims
2008-06-05 Andreas Monznerdont crash when the satellites.xml does not exist or...
2008-06-02 Andreas Monznerdont use and show input power measurement (for rotor...
2008-06-02 Andreas Monznersmall gui command order fix when diseqc 1.1 is selected...
2008-05-27 Andreas Monznerfix crash when more than one satellites is removed
2008-05-26 Andreas Monznerask to delete unconfigured satellites when leave tuner...
2008-02-11 Andreas Monznerfix storing config entries (used by startwizzard)
2007-11-08 Andreas Monznerfix -T
2007-08-06 Andreas Monznerat possibility to change the motor running/stopped...
2007-07-22 Andreas Monznercleanup some imports
2007-07-08 Andreas Monznermake string translatable
2007-07-07 Andreas Monzneradd possibility to set rotor turning speed to fast...