PEP8: Fix whitespace
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2016-01-03 Mike LooijmansPEP8: Fix whitespace
2015-10-02 Dima73add new option Wakeup timer
2015-04-07 littlesatAdd extra inactvity detection block timer
2014-07-27 littlesatSleepTimerEdit: Only disactivate sleeptimer when it...
2014-07-26 littlesatSleepTimerEdit: indicate if sleeptimer is active or not
2014-06-16 littlesatUse correct config for standby timeout to deep standby
2014-06-07 radxnlwhitespace fixes
2014-06-07 littlesatSimplify the inactivity and sleeptimer
2014-06-07 littlesatSleepTimerEdit: save new exclusion goto deepstandby...
2014-06-06 littlesatAdd blocktime for going to deep standy after a while...
2014-03-02 LittlesatRemove obsoleted inChangedEntry declaration
2014-03-02 LittlesatRemove some obsolete code
2013-05-25 LittlesatAdd timer the receiver shut down while in standby
2013-05-08 LittlesatRebrand "receiver is not controlled" to inactivity...
2013-04-03 LittlesatSleepTimerEdit: Hide configs that do not have effect
2013-04-03 LittlesatAdd timeframe option were inactivity timer is ignored
2013-03-20 LittlesatMove screensaver configuration to userinterface setup
2013-03-16 LittlesatSleepTimerEdit: Also save sleep_timer config
2013-03-15 LittlesatAdd Screensaver that currently appears when services...
2013-03-13 LittlesatSleepTimerEdit: Add a forgotten onLayourFinished
2013-03-13 LittlesatMove sleeptimer notifications to InfoBarGenerics
2013-03-01 LittlesatSleepTimerEdit: Better clarification how to start/stop...
2013-03-01 LittlesatSleepTimerEdit: Made the previous commit a bit less...
2013-03-01 LittlesatSleepTimerEdit: Make the abort handling correctly
2013-02-28 LittlesatSleepTimerEdit: Remove a not required line of code
2013-02-28 LittlesatOnly start/stop sleeptimer when the focus is on the...
2013-02-28 LittlesatSimplify the Sleeptimer.
2013-02-25 Stephen R. van den... On all screens: Move from green to key_green etc.
2012-12-07 Introduce getCurrentlyPlayingServiceOrGroup
2012-11-16 pietergmessage cosmetics
2012-08-05 MirakelsMake code general by renaming references to dreambox
2012-03-13 LittlesatSleepTimerEdit: Use AddPopup for enable/disable image
2012-03-09 LittlesatSleepTimerEdit: Simple Messagebox to confirm (de-)activ...
2011-02-19 add missing Sleeptimer ask save
2009-12-03 ghostuse new DeepstandbySupport SystemInfo entry at some...
2009-12-03 ghostuse new DeepstandbySupport SystemInfo entry at some...
2009-10-16 store latest selected sleeptimer...
2009-10-12 Stefan Pluecken- fix storing last used sleep timer time
2009-10-12 use left runtime of running event...
2008-06-23 Stefan Plueckensimplify enabling the sleep timer by defaulting the...
2008-02-11 Felix Domketext edit patch #5 by Anders Holst
2007-07-22 Andreas Monznercleanup some imports
2007-02-07 Andreas Monznerfix ok/cancel handling in Sleep Timer Dialog
2006-11-12 Felix Domkefix typo, add newline
2006-11-12 Stefan Plueckenadding a sleep timer