Merge pull request #56 from Dima73/tuner
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib /
2015-10-04 littlesatMerge pull request #56 from Dima73/tuner
2015-10-03 Mirakelspixexif: cosmetic
2015-10-02 littlesatCorrect falsly indicated remaining media storage
2015-10-02 Dima73add new option Wakeup timer
2015-10-02 mx3Lservicemp3: ignore processing of the same tags messages
2015-10-02 technladd missing
2015-10-02 littlesatMerge pull request #54 from Dima73/tuner
2015-10-02 Dima73[SessionGlobals] add session.HddSleepingState
2015-09-26 Streamline some code
2015-09-26 littlesatPartly revert e91afd9231289ed5eb897cff1e2799a6760f9715
2015-09-25 Dima73[About] fix commits name
2015-09-24 Dima73SystemInfo[WakeOnLAN] exclude et8000
2015-09-23 Dima73[NimManager] fix config '*userSatellitesList.value'
2015-09-21 littlesatSolve the reported subtitle background issues.
2015-09-21 j00zekAvoid GS when wlan driver has non-standard structure
2015-09-20 Dima73'advanced priority tuner' update
2015-09-19 littlesatEnsure that no left lines will be leftover with srt...
2015-09-19 littlesatSmall adjudgement for SRT subtitles when background...
2015-09-19 technlAdd remote-control picture for Xsarius box
2015-09-19 littlesatArrange more rome for QuickSuptitlesConfigMenu
2015-09-19 littlesatAdjustment for srt subtitles in case of permanent backg...
2015-09-19 Dima73Small fix options 'advanced priority tuner'
2015-09-19 littlesatAdd option to show permanent background behing subtitles
2015-09-18 technlMerge pull request #42 from Dima73/master
2015-09-18 Dima73New options 'advanced priority tuner' by type tuners
2015-09-16 littlesatMerge pull request #41 from Dima73/master
2015-09-16 Dima73[InfoBarPiP] add sanity check for self.servicelist
2015-09-15 Mirakelspicload: fix parsing the background color
2015-09-14 littlesatMerge pull request #40 from Dima73/master
2015-09-14 Dima73add SystemInfo["RcTypeChangable"]
2015-09-14 technlMerge pull request #39 from Dima73/master
2015-09-13 Dima73[SystemInfo] VFD(delay/repeats) add an exception for...
2015-09-13 Mike LooijmansMerge pull request #30 from Taapat/translation
2015-09-13 Mike LooijmansMerge pull request #37 from christophecvr/master
2015-09-13 Taapatpicload: try fix 8 bit input images
2015-09-13 Mirakelspicload: fix background border filling of 8 bit input...
2015-09-13 Mirakelspicload: separate function to determine image file...
2015-09-13 Mirakelspicload: remove resizePic declaration from picload.h
2015-09-13 christophecvrAdapted the == to is
2015-09-12 littlesatRead image status from /status/ instead of /status
2015-09-11 christophecvrSome improvemnts on previous DVD-player patch.
2015-09-11 christophecvrRemoved the not needed commented code
2015-09-11 christophecvrAdding last_selected_destination as bookmark not needed.
2015-09-11 christophecvrDVDplayer plugin not always went away when a dvd is...
2015-09-11 Mirakelspicload: cleanup unused resize functions
2015-09-11 Mirakelspicload: updates to thumbnail EXIF handling
2015-09-11 Mirakelspicload: improve png convert to RGB setup
2015-09-10 Mirakelspicload: let getExif() support retrieving thumbnail...
2015-09-10 Mirakelspicload: force gif to RGB format for thumbnails
2015-09-10 littlesatMerge pull request #36 from Dima73/master
2015-09-09 Mirakelspicload: fix reading interlaced gif images
2015-09-09 Mirakelspicload: force png to RGB format for thumbnails
2015-09-08 Mirakelspicload: avoid crash when no EXIF info is available
2015-09-08 Mirakelspicload: fix backround filling
2015-09-08 Dima73Fix for USALS-selecting-satellites bug(part 2)
2015-09-08 Mirakelspicload: do not crash on resizing 8-bit thumb images
2015-09-08 Mike LooijmansScreens/TimerEntry: Use time() not time.time()
2015-09-07 Mike LooijmansDrop support for DVB_API version 1, and properly check...
2015-09-06 Athanasios OikonomouWrappers: Use GLib base64 functions
2015-09-06 MirakelsPicturePlayer: add auto EXIT orientation support
2015-09-06 TechMerge pull request #33 from lazaronixon/patch-1
2015-09-06 MirakelsPicload: support exif orientation tag
2015-09-05 Lázaro NixonAdd dub(Dublado) to portuguese audio_language_choices
2015-09-05 Mirakelspicload: small getInfo() correction
2015-09-05 Mirakelspicload: get exif data in global structure
2015-09-05 Mirakelspicload: update scale calculation for loading jpg
2015-09-05 MirakelsPicturePlayer: add setup menu to Pic_Full_view using...
2015-09-05 littlesatMerge pull request #32 from Dima73/master
2015-09-05 Dima73Fix for USALS-selecting-satellites bug.
2015-09-05 Dima73Fix default title translation parsing in Console
2015-09-04 Mike Looijmanslib/gdi/picload.cpp: Fix build fail on typedef boolean...
2015-09-04 radxnladd ciplushelper interface
2015-08-24 Mike LooijmansRevert "picload: refactor filling surface data"
2015-08-23 littlesatPliExtraInfo: Avoid possible GSOD with ServiceInfo
2015-08-23 Mirakelspicload: refactor filling surface data
2015-08-23 MirakelsMessageBox: make title string translatable
2015-08-22 TaapatFix title translation parsing in InputBox and LocationBox
2015-08-22 technlAdd option to install (dutch) cable settingslist using...
2015-08-17 technlSet default channellist to 19e-23e in the installwizard....
2015-08-16 technlSet oscam as default softcam.
2015-08-15 technlAdd oscam emu to installwizzard
2015-08-15 Mirakelsservicedvd: refactor code a bit and avoid open file
2015-08-15 Mirakelsservicedvd: cosmetic
2015-08-15 littlesatShow paperclip in name area when not enough room in...
2015-08-14 christophecvrStill some dvd's did not resume quit ok. Now they do
2015-08-13 Taapatservicedvd: fix assigning value to m_resume in seekTo
2015-08-13 littlesatMerge pull request #23 from christophecvr/master
2015-08-13 christophecvrChanged location for dvd if media location not writable.
2015-08-13 christophecvrResume dvd file now also in media location for iso...
2015-08-13 christophecvrCorrection on previous patch
2015-08-12 christophecvrResume dvd -15 seconds
2015-08-12 Dima73Fix conflict timers (step 7)
2015-08-12 christophecvrStill some dvd did not resumed.
2015-08-12 Dima73Fix conflict timers (step 6)
2015-08-12 christophecvrEnable resume support for all dvd's.
2015-08-12 christophecvrDo not save or keep empty dvd cuts file.
2015-08-12 christophecvrRevert Do not show resume notification when playing...
2015-08-10 Dima73Fix conflict timers (step 5)
2015-08-09 Dima73Fix conflict timers (step 3)
2015-08-09 Dima73Merge remote-tracking branch 'enigma2/master'