Merge commit '97b86324d322309843cc5d9d93b039d706c5ae58' into mm
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / main / bsod.cpp
2010-10-18 Mike LooijmansMerge commit '211a0c7020f0e69de917cb8ce8808799b1268c8f'
2010-10-08 acid-burnbsod.cpp,CrashlogAutoSubmit: add active skin name to...
2010-05-24 Mike LooijmansMake MD5 and ipkg info optional in crashlog
2010-01-20 pietergbsod: do a clean shutdown after a python expection
2010-01-19 pietergfix compiler warnings
2009-10-03 acid-burnmain/bsod.cpp: replace password configentry values...
2009-09-30 ghostdefault send anonymized crashlogs
2009-08-18 Andreas Oberritterset permissions to 644 for data files
2009-08-18 acid-burnmain/bsod.cpp:
2009-04-28 ghostbsod.cpp: skip path prefix up to /usr
2009-04-02 ghostbsod.cpp: fix compiler warning
2009-04-02 Felix Domkeskip path prefix from .pyc compilation
2008-11-18 Felix Domkedon't try to look for python files when handling a...
2008-11-10 Felix Domkeon crash, read "" from directory which...
2008-09-22 Felix Domkebadvaddr went away, and to be honest, we don't care...
2008-04-16 Felix Domkefix colors
2008-04-15 Felix Domkemake our lifes a bit more colorful.
2008-03-26 Andreas Oberritterfix for SDL, doesn't display any text on the blue scree...
2007-12-10 Andreas Monzneradd support for manual blit
2006-11-28 Felix Domkeappend md5sum information of enigma2 python files in...
2006-11-25 Andreas Monznerpython object refcount debugging code second try
2006-10-30 Felix Domkefixes for powerpc, thanks to pieter
2006-06-19 Felix Domkeadd register dump
2006-06-19 Felix Domkedump code in case of SIGSEGV
2006-04-08 Andreas Monznerwait 10 seconds before restart after crash
2006-04-06 Felix Domkeadd some CVS information into crashlog
2006-04-03 Felix Domkeadd bsod