2011-06-11 pietergenigma2 srctree bitbake recipe: fix dependencies (copie...
2011-06-11 pietergservicemp3: abort pulling subtitle buffers when we...
2011-06-11 pietergservicemp3: use gst_bin_get_by_name in pullSubtitle...
2011-06-10 pietergservicemp3: use gst_bin_get_by_name to get the subtitle...
2011-06-10 Mike LooijmansHarddisk: Wait for device removal after cleaning partitions
2011-06-09 pietergservicemp3: disconnect the subtitle handler from the...
2011-06-09 pietergpmt: support user private AC3 streams in ts
2011-06-05 LittlesatFix for DVB grafical subtitles during recordings when...
2011-06-05 Mike LooijmansHarddisk: Wait for things to happen before doing a...
2011-06-05 Mike LooijmansRemove resume point at EOF
2011-06-05 Mike LooijmansRemember playback resume points in RAM for filetypes...
2011-06-05 Mike LooijmansFreesat: Make some members into statics
2011-06-04 pietergkeymap.xml: clean up duplicate KEY_REWIND entry
2011-06-03 LittlesatThis should fix the ATS/PTS problem with timeshift...
2011-06-03 LittlesatThe about screen now indicates the date of last complet...
2011-05-31 pietergcablescan: support up to 5 networkid digits
2011-05-30 Mike LooijmansHarddisk: Allow hotplugging for "cdrom"
2011-05-28 Mike LooijmansAdd to python's path if it exists
2011-05-28 Mirakelssimplify code to setup channellist
2011-05-28 LittlesatMake channel number availibility in service list config...
2011-05-25 Mike LooijmansHarddisk: Set 4k alignment treshold to 200GB, use umount -f
2011-05-23 Mike LooijmansAdd .mkv files to recognized file types
2011-05-23 pietergservicemp3: avoid 'tag != NULL' assertions
2011-05-21 Mike LooijmansMake movielist go to inserted media automatically
2011-05-19 LittlesatFix for X-marker with srt subtitles in
2011-05-18 imsInversion of selection in Software Manager and change...
2011-05-18 Mike LooijmansMovieSelection: Remember each folders setting is now...
2011-05-18 imstrue status of sorting for files in Settings
2011-05-17 pietergAudioSelection: avoid crash
2011-05-15 imsfree capacity of HDD in GB for About
2011-05-15 Mike LooijmansDiskInfo: No greenscreen on division by zero
2011-05-15 Mike Looijmansservicemp3: Implement sFileSize in getInfoObject instead
2011-05-15 pietergmetaparser: increase line buffer from 1024 to 4096
2011-05-15 pietergcosmetic: indentation
2011-05-14 pietergservicemp3: manual merge of vob subtitle support
2011-05-14 ghostsmall code cleanup, fix memleaks
2011-05-14 Fraxinasadd experimental vobsub support (requires gst-plugin...
2011-05-08 MirakelsFixes for LCD/OLED handling
2011-05-02 Mike LooijmansCreate PLi plugins subdir
2011-04-30 Andreas Oberritterfix some crashes during settings wizard
2011-04-30 Andreas remove filesystem writeability...
2011-04-30 Andreas Oberritterdb: use strcmp when recreating bouquets.{tv,radio}
2011-04-30 Andreas Oberritterdb: move variable
2011-04-30 Andreas Oberritterdb: remove recursive loading of bouquets
2011-04-20 pietergencoding.conf: bring the list of Digital Platform trans...
2011-04-20 Mike LooijmansA few more delete speed options
2011-04-20 Mike LooijmansAllow setting speed and mode for background file_eraser
2011-04-19 LittlesatAdd option to swap SNR in dB and percentage on OSD
2011-04-18 Mike Looijmansfile_eraser: Slowly delete large files
2011-04-17 LittlesatAdd progressive/interlace and framerate to pliExpertInf...
2011-04-15 LittlesatMerge branch 'master' of git://openpli.git.sourceforge...
2011-04-15 LittlesatAdd videocodec (MPEG1.2.4) to
2011-04-15 Mike Looijmansservicemp3: Return filesize
2011-04-14 LittlesatAdd videotype (MPEG-1,2,4) to pliExpertInfo
2011-04-14 pietergPluginBrowser: only update the picon path when a picon...
2011-04-12 Mike LooijmansHarddisk: Report actual mountpoint
2011-04-12 Mike LooijmansPicon: Get Picons from anywhere
2011-04-10 Mirakelsrevert AUTHOR changes
2011-04-10 Mirakelstest 2
2011-04-10 MirakelsTest change: fill AUTHORS file
2011-04-10 Mike Looijmanspicexif.cpp: Fix filehandle resource leak
2011-04-09 pietergadd AC3+/DDP support
2011-04-08 Mike Remove gstreamer registry when switching...
2011-04-06 LittlesatAdd selected subtitle to subtitle selection when subtit...
2011-04-02 LittlesatAdd more options to
2011-04-01 pietergservicedvd: do not pause at startup
2011-04-01 pietergservices: put servicedvd between HAVE_LIBDDVD conditional
2011-03-31 pieterghdmi_cec: support larger cec messages
2011-03-28 Mike Looijmanstimerlist_finished_timer_position default to "end"
2011-03-28 fix typo ... this fixes a crash on timer...
2011-03-28 fix import name conflict
2011-03-28 Mike Looijmansadd possibility to choose the finished timer timerlist...
2011-03-26 imsrepair for translate one message
2011-03-26 Mike LooijmansDirectories: Cleanup
2011-03-26 Mike LooijmansSoftwareManager: Don't crash on empty plugin description
2011-03-26 Mike LooijmansPicon: Slightly more efficient
2011-03-26 Mike Looijmansservicedvb: Parse recording filenames without .meta
2011-03-25 pietergfastscan: fix version parsing
2011-03-22 pietergfastscan: use networktable version, instead of services...
2011-03-22 Mike LooijmansMovieList: Minor optimizations
2011-03-22 Mike LooijmansFileList: Translate into Python code
2011-03-21 LittlesatRemove 'Cannot decode' from
2011-03-21 pietergfastscan plugin: cosmetic, make sure the result message...
2011-03-21 pietergfastscan plugin: show the fastscan list version in...
2011-03-21 pietergfastscan: parse the list version number
2011-03-21 Mike LooijmansAudioSelection: Prevent tuple out-of-range crash
2011-03-21 Mike Looijmansbsod: Never do the MD5 checksums
2011-03-20 Mike Fix typo
2011-03-20 Mike LooijmansMovieSelection: Create directory
2011-03-20 Mike LooijmansMovieSelection: Bookmark current directory
2011-03-20 Mike LooijmansHarddisk: Minor optimization
2011-03-19 LittlesatSometimes SearchIDs comes as float so another fix requi...
2011-03-19 LittlesatBetter fix for crash of DVD player due to
2011-03-18 LittlesatFix crash of DVD player due to
2011-03-18 Mike Looijmansskin: Fix LCD/OLED disappearing without Magic
2011-03-18 LittlesatSmall optimalizations in and
2011-03-18 LittlesatFix provider id info for Oscam
2011-03-17 LittlesatAdd provid to expert info
2011-03-17 LittlesatForget to add to a, thanks ims
2011-03-17 LittlesatUse one please to parse /tmp/