2010-11-25 Mike fix typo
2010-11-25 Mike LooijmansInstall display skin based on autoconf settings
2010-11-25 Mike LooijmansAdd some color to the dm800se OLED skin
2010-11-25 Mike LooijmansClockToText: Fix LongDate and ShortDate
2010-11-25 Mike Looijmansfont.cpp: Fix big-endian stuff for 16bpp display
2010-11-24 Mike LooijmansAdd 96x64 skin file (not used yet)
2010-11-24 Mike Looijmansfont.cpp: Support 16bpp rendering (dm800se)
2010-11-22 Mike LooijmansMerge remote branch 'dream/master'
2010-11-22 ghostMerge branch 'bug_617_default_favlist_handling_fix'
2010-11-22 ghostlib/python/Components/ more robust code
2010-11-21 Mike LooijmansMovieSelection: Rename e2settings.pkl to .e2settings.pkl
2010-11-20 Mike LooijmansDon't assert on missing style id
2010-11-20 pietergservicemp3: implement winding/trickmode
2010-11-19 Mike LooijmansIpkg: Really support opkg, possibly fix config update...
2010-11-17 Mike LooijmansFix plugin crashes in
2010-11-16 Mike LooijmansMerge remote branch 'dream/master'
2010-11-16 ghostMerge branch 'bug_599_picload_fd_leak'
2010-11-16 ghostRevert "lib/gdi/picload.cpp: add missing fclose (this...
2010-11-15 ghostMerge branch 'bug_619_ask_for_scan_when_no_default_serv...
2010-11-15 ghostdata/defaultlists.xml: additionally ask to do a service...
2010-11-15 ghostMerge branch 'bug_617_default_favlist_handling_fix'
2010-11-15 ghosttemporary disable not working prerequisites
2010-11-15 ghostComponents/ fix handling for old devfs...
2010-11-15 ghostMerge branch 'bug_619_ask_for_scan_when_no_default_serv...
2010-11-15 ghostMerge branch 'bug_618_fix_display_recording_indication'
2010-11-15 ghostdefaultsatlists.xml: ask to scan when no default servic...
2010-11-15 ghostshow all services list on first start, when the favouri...
2010-11-15 ghostfix record blink widget pos and size
2010-11-15 update configEntrys on additional loadFromFile
2010-11-15 ghostdont install default favourite list when no DVB-S(2...
2010-11-15 ghostMerge remote branch 'remotes/origin/pootle-import'
2010-11-15 ghostMerge remote branch 'remotes/origin/bug_609_packetmanag...
2010-11-15 enigma2-translation-botAutomatic message catalog update
2010-11-14 Mike LooijmansPluginBrowser: Support opkg
2010-11-12 LittlesatNew Slovenian translations - thanks Taykun345
2010-11-12 ghostlib/gdi/picload.cpp: add missing fclose (this fixes...
2010-11-11 Mike Looijmansepgcache: Fix hangup at shutdown
2010-11-11 ghostMerge branch 'bug_539_add_multicontent_pixmap_progress'
2010-11-11 ghostadd template handling to pixmap progress listboxmultico...
2010-11-10 Mike Looijmanssubtitle.cpp: Compiler warnings
2010-11-10 Mike LooijmansMerge remote branch 'dream/master'
2010-11-10 ghostRevert "add virtual baseclass for data sources (iDataSo...
2010-11-09 ghostadd virtual baseclass for data sources (iDataSource)
2010-11-08 remove dvb_shutdown_timeout workaround
2010-11-08 ghostmore robust code
2010-11-08 Mike LooijmansMovieList: Allow skin to set item heights
2010-11-08 fix abort in transpondersearch when the...
2010-11-08 immediate close frontend before execute...
2010-11-07 ghostuse a notifier to immediate apply changed epg data...
2010-11-05 ghostplugin_videoenhancement.xml: re-add dm500hd
2010-11-05 ghostadd more 7020hd changes
2010-11-05 ghostadd support for dm7020hd
2010-11-04 ghostepgache: move epg cache file name to main enigma2 setti...
2010-11-04 ghostepgcache: add possibility to change the default epg...
2010-11-03 ghostMerge branch 'bug_607_parental_control_fix'
2010-11-03 ghostfix more (no more allowed) global imports of parentalCo...
2010-11-02 ghostMerge branch 'bug_607_parental_control_fix'
2010-11-02 more parental control fixes
2010-11-02 ghostfix frequently not working timeshift/record stop
2010-11-02 ghostMerge branch 'bug_530_add_dm800se_support'
2010-11-02 ghostmove windowstyle definitions for LCD/OLED and Color...
2010-11-02 ghostadd assertion for missing windowstyle
2010-11-01 LittlesatOnly show subtitle selection menu when subtitles do...
2010-11-01 enigma2-translation-botAutomatic message catalog update
2010-11-01 enigma2-translation-botAutomatic message catalog update
2010-11-01 ghostfix crash with enabled parentalcontrol in some conditio...
2010-10-31 acid-burnSoftwareManager/ don't display upgradeable...
2010-10-30 ghostinitalize parental control after bouquet load
2010-10-30 ghoststop PAT parsing after first valid entry for the given SID
2010-10-25, MountTask: give udev (or in our case mdev...
2010-10-24 Mike LooijmansShow some progress when formatting harddisk
2010-10-24 Mike Fix PythonTask
2010-10-23 pietergHarddisk: create movie folder after initializing hdd
2010-10-23 pietergHarddisk: indentation fixes
2010-10-23 Mike LooijmansFix DVB-C scan
2010-10-23 pietergHarddisk: blacklist 'romblock' devices
2010-10-23 LittlesatUse Iso 639 language codes for auto language selection
2010-10-22 Mike LooijmansMerge remote branch 'dream/master'
2010-10-21 LittlesatUpgrade auto language selection for Slovenian - thanks...
2010-10-21 LittlesatUpgrade slovanian translations - thanks Taykun345
2010-10-21 Mike LooijmansIpkg: Don't ever crash E2 on parsing errors
2010-10-21 Mike LooijmansFix online update and optimize
2010-10-21 pietergpmt.cpp: use the first matching PMT pid in the PAT
2010-10-20 ghostadd possibility to set demux buffer size for PES Reader...
2010-10-20 LittlesatMore languages fixes for autolanguage selection
2010-10-20 LittlesatFix for autoselection on Polsat "N" provider
2010-10-20 ghostlib/python/Components/ revert previous change...
2010-10-20 Mike LooijmansWait for the new drivers
2010-10-20 Mike LooijmansRevert "fixes bug #587"
2010-10-20 Mike LooijmansRevert "refs bug #587"
2010-10-20 Mike LooijmansRevert "fix slotinfo assignment for new "unsupported...
2010-10-20 Mike LooijmansRevert "refs bug #587"
2010-10-19 Mike LooijmansPrevent a build tonight
2010-10-19 Mike LooijmansFix merge typo in
2010-10-19 Mike LooijmansMerge remote branch 'dream/master' into megamerge
2010-10-18 LittlesatPer accident used Teletekst wich should be teletext...
2010-10-18 LittlesatBetter description for teletext subtitle delay
2010-10-18 Mike LooijmansMerge commit '211a0c7020f0e69de917cb8ce8808799b1268c8f'
2010-10-18 Mike LooijmansMerge commit '5f60d706ff61b12a54b4ca0cd94d0cd9cb131404'
2010-10-18 Mike workaround for DVDPlayer crash