2015-01-09 Athanasios... update README
2015-01-08 littlesatServiceList: Add new skin attributes and auto adjust...
2015-01-08 imsLocale: actualised cs translate
2015-01-07 LittlesatMake from EPGflush an external function
2015-01-07 littlesatCI-Assesment: Try to solve GSOD
2015-01-06 littlesatHotkey: Just a small cosmetic fix in coding
2015-01-06 littlesatAlso stop PiP when performing a panic Zap
2015-01-06 littlesatSolve fallback on SD picon when HD picon does not exist
2015-01-05 imsfixed missing return value in getAutofsMountpoint
2015-01-05 littlesatThe hollidays are over - back to normal png for screensaver
2015-01-04 Mike LooijmansNo longer assume DVD or CD is mounted under /autofs
2015-01-04 imsrow position in choicebox as font's parameter
2015-01-04 Athanasios... Revert "Skip building DVDBurn plugin"
2015-01-03 imsfix status icons position in timerlist
2015-01-03 imsfix position for status icons in movie list
2015-01-02 Mike LooijmansRevert "epgcache.cpp: Allow other (Python) threads...
2014-12-31 Mike Looijmansstreamserver.cpp: Set TCP send buffer to 188k and reduc...
2014-12-30 Mike LooijmansCutListEditor: Use "menu" key and remember tutorial
2014-12-29 Mike Looijmansepgcache: Use std::dequeue instead of c array for descr...
2014-12-29 Mike Looijmansepgcache.cpp: Allow other (Python) threads to run durin...
2014-12-29 Mike LooijmansMovieSelection: allow binding directories to buttons
2014-12-29 littlesatPluginBrowser: Corrigate move behaviour when moving...
2014-12-29 littlesatPluginBrowser: When ordered allow appearing new plugins
2014-12-29 littlesatPluginBrowser: Introduce instant plugin manual re-order
2014-12-29 Mike LooijmansUse O_CLOEXEC for files that remain open for extended...
2014-12-28 betacentauriFix servicemp3 cover processing with gstreamer 1.x
2014-12-28 littlesatUpdate to next Holliday -> Fireworks screensaver
2014-12-27 Mike Looijmanspicload.cpp: Fix race in thread code
2014-12-27 Mike LooijmanseThread fixups: Remove "sendcancel" and make sync private
2014-12-27 Mike Looijmansepgcache: Remove eTread::sync usage
2014-12-27 Mike Looijmansfilepush.cpp: Fix "kill" arguments
2014-12-27 Mike Looijmanslib/base/message.h: Use eventfd instead of a pipe
2014-12-27 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Get rid of eThread::sync
2014-12-26 imsAbout - added red button into TranslationInfo and ComitInfo
2014-12-26 littlesatMovieList: add F1, F2 and F3 as configurable functions
2014-12-26 littlesatTimerList: Remove not required import of eLabel
2014-12-26 littlesatAdd new TextBoundary tool
2014-12-26 littlesatSolve possible GSOD with e.g. MGEPG
2014-12-24 Mike Looijmansebase.cpp: Cosmetic, add a newline in constructor
2014-12-24 littlesatAdd extra check in case the servicename was only hd...
2014-12-24 littlesatFallback to SD picon when HD picon does not exist
2014-12-23 Mike LooijmanseFixedMessagePump: Remove unused start/stop methods
2014-12-23 Mike Looijmansbase/filepush.cpp: Stop background thread in eFilePushT...
2014-12-23 littlesatTimerList: The dummy label can be a local variable
2014-12-22 littlesatEnable Wrap-a-round in Timerlist
2014-12-22 littlesatTimerList: When ServiceName does not fit make it fit
2014-12-22 imscosmetic in serviceinfo screen
2014-12-21 Mike LooijmansFix missing "path" in last commit
2014-12-21 imsfix missing comma in code
2014-12-21 imsPlugins list: Get opkg "lists_dir" path from opkg.conf
2014-12-20 dima73Additional check on the availability of the satellite
2014-12-20 imsfix cropped text in file selector, removed whitespaces
2014-12-20 littlesatChange our 10th anniversary screen saver picture to...
2014-12-20 littlesatChange subtitle font size default to 40
2014-12-20 littlesatSoftwareUpdate: Simplify some code
2014-12-20 littlesatSoftwareUpdate: Add message popup on box as given via...
2014-12-19 imsnumber of rows in columns can be changed from skin...
2014-12-19 imsadded parameter for rows in columns for MemoryInfo...
2014-12-19 imsMeminfo callable from hotkey
2014-12-19 imscosmetic - meminfo as 25 lines in skin_default
2014-12-19 imsMeminfo - new column after 25 rows, cosmetic
2014-12-19 imscosmetic in memoryinfo - show progressbar
2014-12-18 littlesatAbout: Finetune previous Memory Info patch
2014-12-18 imsadded memory info into about
2014-12-18 imsupdate pt.po by jmv_driver
2014-12-18 Mike LooijmansAdd message about enigma2-fonts to data/fonts/
2014-12-18 imsfix display free capacity
2014-12-17 littlesatChange changes I forgot in a required for...
2014-12-17 littlesatChange the subtitle font
2014-12-17 Erik Slagtercosmetic: skin_display_hd2400.xml: clean up ws
2014-12-17 add oled display skin for hd2400
2014-12-17 Erik Slagtercosmetic: rc_models.cfg, remove ws at eol.
2014-12-17 add remote for hd models
2014-12-16 imsreplace degree code with char, join import line
2014-12-16 imsoptionaly backup epg cache too
2014-12-15 Erik SlagterRevert "Update Portugese translations, thanks jmv_driver"
2014-12-15 littlesatUpdate Portugese translations, thanks jmv_driver
2014-12-13 littlesatUsageConfig: Make the subtitle size changes a list...
2014-12-13 imsbetter fix for abnormaly in channelselection
2014-12-13 littlesatMovieSelection: Order tags alphabetically
2014-12-13 littlesatAllow bigger fonts for subtitles.
2014-12-12 pietergdvb: use runtime DVB_API_VERSION check
2014-12-12 littlesatPliExtraInfo: display tsid and onid as zero when they...
2014-12-12 littlesatPliExtaInfo: Cosmetic
2014-12-12 littlesatPliExtaInfo: remove mod 1000 from tsid
2014-12-11 littlesatLeave focus on satellite list when deleting satelites
2014-12-11 littlesatAdd ONID and TSID on second infobar and change the...
2014-12-10 imsTry to solve an anomaly with the channelselector
2014-12-08 Athanasios... enigma.cpp: print DVB_API_VERSION and DVB_API_VERSION_M...
2014-12-07 Athanasios... Revert "NimManager: make sure compatible type exists...
2014-12-07 Athanasios... frontend.cpp: Use old code detection when DTV_ENUM_DELS...
2014-12-07 technladd vuzero remote control
2014-12-07 Athanasios... NimManager: make sure compatible type exists before...
2014-12-05 imsadded error message for sanity check in fallback
2014-12-05 imssanity check for fallback service when is wrong service...
2014-12-04 littlesatDo not use 'expensive' config to toggle condenced satel...
2014-12-04 imsfix name for fallback service reference
2014-12-03 littlesatBring back ChannelSelectEPGActions
2014-12-03 littlesatAdd Terestrial, Cable and Current Transponder on top...
2014-12-03 littlesatChannelSelection: Add condensed showSatellites list