2014-10-03 betacentauriFix out-of-tree enigma2 build
2014-10-03 littlesatHotkey: When zapto from movieplayer correctly leave...
2014-10-02 imsupdated help screen for Formuler1
2014-10-02 imsadded CONTEXT MENU button for formuler1 into enigma
2014-10-02 imsadded names for buttons with same code but different...
2014-10-02 imsadd CONTEXT MENU into HOTKEY
2014-10-02 littlesatHotkey: Solve GSOD when exit from SimpleChannelSelection
2014-10-02 littlesatHotkey: be able to zap to webstreams
2014-10-02 littlesatIn setup menu indicate Hotkey instead of HotKey
2014-10-02 littlesatHotkey: Add zap to functionality
2014-10-02 littlesatHotkey: Do not add system menu plugins whithout plugin tag
2014-10-01 littlesatUsageConfig: Add Ukr for Ukrainian auto channel selection
2014-10-01 littlesatHotkey: Make are you sure... message translatable
2014-10-01 littlesatHorkey: Fix last key in keylist was not available
2014-10-01 littlesatHotkey: Add system menu plugins
2014-10-01 littlesatAudioSelection: Also translate subtitle languages
2014-09-28 littlesatAudioselection: Add gettext for languages
2014-09-28 littlesatAdd Ukrainian language in Auto language selection
2014-09-28 imschange label Mark to Mark/Portal added KEY_SLEEP for...
2014-09-26 littlesatMove show numbers and progress bar location config...
2014-09-26 littlesatHotkey: When infobarfunction does not exist search...
2014-09-26 LittlesatSerivcelist: Give room back to servicename when no...
2014-09-26 littlesatHotkey: make getHotkeyFunctions less globaly
2014-09-25 littlesatHotkey: Solve GSOD when hotkey setup was called from...
2014-09-25 littlesatHotkey: work-a-round for syntaxwarning
2014-09-25 littlesatHotkey: Some finetuning and remove double keys and...
2014-09-25 littlesatHotkey: correct order and add functionality for menu...
2014-09-24 littlesatHotkey: Bring back green button option removed by accident
2014-09-24 littlesatHotkey: Add Latest Commits as hotkey function
2014-09-24 littlesathotkey: Add software update as hotkey function
2014-09-24 littlesatNimManager: corrigate LOC frequencies for circular...
2014-09-24 littlesatHotkey: Add preview of functions in hotkey selection...
2014-09-24 littlesatHotkey: Change description of Sleeptimer to add Edit...
2014-09-24 littlesatHotkey: avoid plugins could be called twice
2014-09-24 littlesatAdd sanity checks for swapPiP and movePip regards to...
2014-09-22 littlesatHotkey: add letterbox zoom
2014-09-22 littlesatMake configurations for circular LNBs more convenient
2014-09-22 littlesatAdd hotkey setup as function in hotkey setup
2014-09-22 littlesatHotkey: add some functionality
2014-09-21 littlesatServiceScan: Solve a GSOD when started via Hotkeys
2014-09-21 littlesatSolve some hotkey key mappings
2014-09-21 littlesatRemove not required spaces in menu.xml
2014-09-21 littlesatMove Hotkey menu to settings
2014-09-20 littlesatVideoFineTune: Only resize OSD when it is really required.
2014-09-20 littlesatDVD: __onclose was already in use so rename that function
2014-09-20 littlesatDVD: corrigate DVD overlay when OSD is resized
2014-09-20 littlesatHotkey: Do not focus on choosen when nothing is selected
2014-09-20 littlesatHotkey: remove white spaces
2014-09-20 littlesatRemove unrequired spaces in keymap.xml
2014-09-20 littlesatIntroduce Hotkey as embeded alternative for MQB
2014-09-20 Erik Slagtertuner fallback: remove newline from help text.
2014-09-19 Zakalibit"again something for httpsream, I found that not all...
2014-09-18 Erik Slagterbouquets/alternatives: add search path for bouquet...
2014-09-18 Erik SlagterCFile: add constructor for std::string, facilitates...
2014-09-17 littlesatRevert "Additional check on the availability of the...
2014-09-17 Erik SlagterIntroduce fall-back using remote enigma2 receiver.
2014-09-16 Erik Slagterservice alternatives: add option to ignore dvb service...
2014-09-12 littlesatAdditional check on the availability of the satellite
2014-09-07 littlesatAdd option "Network scan" yes/no for Automatic scan
2014-09-07 TaapatEnable remove services from all bouquets
2014-09-07 littlesatDownloader: replace import of urlparser
2014-09-07 Mike LooijmansChoiceList: Only load PNG when key is defined
2014-09-07 littlesatSatconfig: solve issue when using wizard
2014-09-06 pietergeDVBScan: fix compile error
2014-09-06 pietergeDVBDB: avoid storing System_DVB_T_T2 in the lamedb
2014-09-06 pietergeDVBScan: fix T->T2 fallback
2014-09-06 pietergeDVBScan: fix NULL pointer segfault
2014-09-06 pietergRevert "frontend: prefer DVB-T2 when both are available."
2014-09-06 dima73frontend: prefer DVB-T2 when both are available.
2014-09-06 Techadded et7x00 rc
2014-09-06 imsadded missing import urlparse in
2014-09-05 LittlesatDownloader: Adjust for new twisted
2014-09-05 blzrpl.po: translations update
2014-09-04 littlesatUpdate the software update disclaimer
2014-09-04 littlesatIntroduce preview mode on OK button in ChannelSelection
2014-09-03 littlesatHopefully last try to solve wake in lan for VU
2014-09-03 daddelfalkscan.cpp: perform T2 and T scan only, when frontend...
2014-09-01 littlesatRevert "Move Wake On LAN config to NetworkSetup"
2014-09-01 littlesatRevert "NetworkSetup: ensure that wakeOnLan config...
2014-09-01 littlesatRevert "NetworkSetup: only save wakeOnLAN config when...
2014-08-30 littlesatSolve some stupid typos in the setup.xml
2014-08-30 littlesatAdd option to use arrow keys to change the volume
2014-08-30 LittlesatStreamline userbouquet parsing coding
2014-08-30 littlesatUse new title option from TextBox when displaying packa...
2014-08-30 littlesatTextBox: add option to change title
2014-08-30 LittlesatAdd display list of upgradable packages in software...
2014-08-30 LittlesatFor display VU-Duo2/Xtrend let [REC] blink over clock
2014-08-30 LittlesatCorrectly revert to current tv or radio bouquet
2014-08-30 LittlesatWith removing services add option to not ask confirmati...
2014-08-30 LittlesatVU uses enable/disable i.s.o. 1/0 to enable/disable...
2014-08-29 LittlesatTry to solve WakeOnLan configuration for VU devices
2014-08-29 imsupdate cs translate
2014-08-29 Taykun345New version of Slovenian language
2014-08-29 Athanasios... frontend.cpp: Improve isCompatibleWith for System_DVB_T_T2
2014-08-26 LittlesatIn TimerEdit also go to current bouquet for channel...
2014-08-26 LittlesatWhen using SimpleChannelSelection go directly to curren...
2014-08-26 LittlesatAdd option in SimpleChannelSelection to open current...
2014-08-26 LittlesatAdd option to select a different channel in channel EPG
2014-08-26 LittlesatSolve GSOD when numberzap was used in the SimpleChannel...
2014-08-25 LittlesatDo not parse (user)bouquet when the refered file does...