2015-12-08 littlesatMerge pull request #118 from Dima73/translation
2015-12-08 littlesatMerge pull request #117 from Dima73/pull2
2015-12-07 Dima73update ru.po
2015-12-07 Dima73ChannelSelection: BouquetSelector add title translation
2015-12-07 Athanasios... DBoxLCD: Initialize _buffer to prevent segfault
2015-12-06 technlUpdate Turkish translations, thnx. asiBenlik.
2015-12-06 technlUpdate French translations, thnx Pr2
2015-12-05 littlesatMerge pull request #115 from mx3L/topic_ehttpstream_headers
2015-12-05 technlMerge pull request #114 from Taapat/translation
2015-12-05 mx3LeHttpStream: allow to set custom User-Agent header
2015-12-05 mx3LeHttpStream: set http headers also to redirects
2015-12-05 mx3LeHttpStream: allow to set http headers without path...
2015-12-05 Athanasios... Revert "ServiceMP3: send evUpdatedInfo only the first...
2015-12-04 Mirakelsframebuffer: cosmetic updates
2015-12-04 Mirakelsvolume control: cosmetic updates for ALSA support
2015-12-04 Mirakelsrcinput: cosmetic debug
2015-12-04 MirakelsInputDevice: show devicename on debug output
2015-12-04 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-12-04 littlesatMerge pull request #112 from mx3L/topic_servicemp3_user...
2015-12-04 MirakelsInputDevice: show devicename on debug output
2015-12-04 MirakelsDBoxlcd: cosmetic whitespace
2015-12-04 MirakelsDBoxLCD: keep tidy when no device is found
2015-12-04 Mirakelssummary screens: only processs when defined
2015-12-04 mx3Lservicemp3/record: remove unused variable
2015-12-04 mx3LMediaPlayer: remove unused UserAgent configs
2015-12-04 mx3Lservicemp3/record: User-Agent can be set also by rtsp...
2015-12-04 mx3Lservicemp3/record: unambiguous usage of User-Agent...
2015-12-03 littlesatMerge pull request #111 from christophecvr/master
2015-12-03 littlesatMerge pull request #108 from Dima73/translation
2015-11-30 christophecvrUnpause gst after media settings are known.
2015-11-30 Dima73VirtualKeyBoard/NetworkSetup: update title string
2015-11-30 Athanasios... PMT: Use decode demux in getDecodeDemux when channel...
2015-11-30 Athanasios... ServiceDVB: support more that 10 demuxers in sLiveStrea...
2015-11-30 Dima73skin_default: add missing hdd.png
2015-11-30 Dima73title Cutlist Editor-->editor
2015-11-29 Dima73add "header" for Title with translation
2015-11-29 Erik Slagterservicemp3(gstreamer): fix number keys (skipping) not...
2015-11-29 Dima73CommonInterfaceAssignment: update plugin
2015-11-29 fix parsing text
2015-11-29 littlesatMerge pull request #104 from Taapat/translation
2015-11-29 littlesatMerge pull request #105 from Dima73/translation
2015-11-28 Athanasios... ServiceMP3: Optimize GStreamer start sequence
2015-11-28 Erik Slagterfrontend: adjust SNR value for Si216x in DVB_T_T2 mode.
2015-11-25 Dima73update ru
2015-11-24 Erik Slagterprev_wakeup_time: initialise using strict integers...
2015-11-24 betacentauriservicemp3record: set http headers via service referenc...
2015-11-23 technlAdd Xsarius fusionhdse remotecontrol picture.
2015-11-23 imsadded HD1200 box into InputDeviceSetup
2015-11-22 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-11-22 blzrRemove radio-hd.mvi which is obsolete now
2015-11-22 Mike LooijmansMerge pull request #103 from arn354/patch-1
2015-11-22 imsuse hd1100 remote control in help screen for hd1200 too
2015-11-22 arn354Screens Standby fix typo
2015-11-21 Athanasios... ServiceMP3: On http source timeout call stop before...
2015-11-21 littlesatMerge pull request #101 from Dima73/timer
2015-11-21 littlesatRemove obsolete screen in skin_default
2015-11-19 Dima73[TimerEdit] add extended setup (key menu)
2015-11-19 mx3Lservicemp3: use seeking un-pause only when necessary
2015-11-19 littlesatMerge pull request #98 from Taapat/ScrollLabel
2015-11-18 TaapatScrollLabel: assigns right_text position only if used...
2015-11-17 Athanasios... ServiceMP3: send evUpdatedInfo only the first time...
2015-11-17 technlMerge pull request #99 from Taapat/translation
2015-11-16 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-11-16 TaapatScrollLabel: fix right text position in pageUp and...
2015-11-16 Dima73skin_text_formuler1: fix blink time for recording
2015-11-16 technlUpdate French translationsfor enigma2, by Pr2.
2015-11-16 littlesatOnly show timer conflict ignore warning screen once
2015-11-15 littlesatMerge pull request #96 from Dima73/timer
2015-11-15 Dima73TimerEdit: update timer after the action and add...
2015-11-15 littlesatSmall changes DVD and Movieplayer for Formuler1 Display
2015-11-15 littlesatRemove anoying warning about conflict removal introduce...
2015-11-14 TaapatFix typo in TimerEdit introduced in 5bfae0474871fb12356...
2015-11-14 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-11-14 Erik SlagterCosmetic: fix last end of line.
2015-11-14 Erik SlagterTimer conflict detection: rephrase warning.
2015-11-14 Dima73EPG event: add check timer sanity conflict when edit...
2015-11-14 Dima73TimerSanityConflict: small correction
2015-11-14 Athanasios... ServiceDVB: When there is no meta file we need to handl...
2015-11-12 Athanasios... eDVBResourceManager: allocateDemux, use calculated...
2015-11-12 TaapateDVBServicePMTHandler: remove use_decode_demux from...
2015-11-12 Erik SlagterDebug: silence SI CRC debug message.
2015-11-12 littlesatTimerEdit: Small fix to previous commit
2015-11-12 littlesatRevert "Add option to enable or disable the timer confl...
2015-11-12 littlesatSimplify Timer Conflict Screen and add option to ignore...
2015-11-10 Athanasios... eDVBServicePlay: Don't pass m_is_pvr as use_decoding_demux
2015-11-10 Athanasios... eDVBResourceManager: fix last commit
2015-11-10 Athanasios... eDVBResourceManager: Simplify allocateDemux
2015-11-10 Athanasios... eDVBResourceManager: remove capHoldDecodeReference
2015-11-10 Athanasios... eDVBResourceManager: Drop code for non supported DM7025
2015-11-09 littlesatMerge pull request #88 from Dima73/skin
2015-11-09 littlesatMerge pull request #90 from Dima73/pull2
2015-11-09 littlesatMerge pull request #92 from athoik/fix-demux-order
2015-11-08 Athanasios... CA: When descramling iterate demuxes in ascending order
2015-11-08 Mirakelspicload: pass filetype to picexif to support
2015-11-08 Mirakelspicexif: support png exif info in TXT segments
2015-11-08 Athanasios... CA: Use descrambling demux when we descramble -> alloca...
2015-11-07 Dima73-small fix close frontend
2015-11-07 Dima73[DiseqcTester] update plugin
2015-11-07 technlMerge pull request #89 from Dima73/pull1
2015-11-07 Dima73update ru.po