2011-09-17 Mike Looijmansenigma.cpp: Don't load pal.png
2011-09-17 Mike LooijmansMediaPlayer: Don't load icons in global variables
2011-09-16 LittlesatDo not use standard Messagebox for offline upgrade...
2011-09-13 Mike LooijmansPicturePlayer: Fix hotplug exceptions
2011-09-12 Mike Looijmansicons: convert a few to 1 or 2 bpp
2011-09-12 Mike Looijmansepng: Support images with <8 bits per pixel
2011-09-12 Mike LooijmansMovieSelection: Add "Home" button, make TV and Radio...
2011-09-12 Mike LooijmansMovieSelection: Add /media/hdd/movie to root list
2011-09-11 Mike LooijmansMovieSelection: User setting for root directory
2011-09-09 LittlesatSoftwareManager: Cosmetics
2011-09-09 LittlesatAdd traficlight check from to SoftwareMa...
2011-09-09 LittlesatScreens.MessageBox: Add option to show picon from diffe...
2011-09-09 Mike Limit the number of i-nodes while formatting
2011-09-09 Mike LooijmansPicturePlayer: Export globals for old plugins
2011-09-08 Mike LooijmansPicturePlayer: Split plugin and ui (load faster)
2011-09-08 Mike Looijmanspicload: Cleanup after error, fix compiler warnings
2011-09-08 pietergservicedvb: add adapter id to streaming data dictionary
2011-09-07 Mike Looijmansthread.cpp: Remove "before:" output
2011-09-07 Mike LooijmansPluginComponent: Remove empty plugin dirs
2011-09-05 Cosmetics
2011-09-05 LittlesatAdd reverse sort options to MovieSelection
2011-09-04 LittlesatFix crash with offline upgrade when current service...
2011-09-03 Mike Looijmanspicload: Also a tiny GIF decoder speedup
2011-09-03 Mike Looijmanspicload: More (minor) optimizations, more C++
2011-09-03 Mike LooijmansShrink png files
2011-09-03 Mike Looijmansskin: Don't let skin exceptions crash the box (once...
2011-09-03 Mike Looijmanspicload: Optimize code, faster and less memory
2011-09-02 Mike Looijmanspicload: Fix memory leak and tidy up a bit
2011-09-02 LittlesatUpgrade Hungarian translations, thanks Robertut
2011-08-31 Mike LooijmansRevert "Pre-compile"
2011-08-31 Mike LooijmansRevert "Revert "sanitize EPG cache code and add Platfor...
2011-08-30 Mike LooijmansRevert "sanitize EPG cache code and add PlatformaHD...
2011-08-28 Mike Looijmanssanitize EPG cache code and add PlatformaHD exception
2011-08-27 Mike LooijmansPlugins: Keep list sorted
2011-08-27 Mike LooijmansPre-compile
2011-08-26 It seems that deviding by 1000...
2011-08-26 Add boardrevision and version...
2011-08-26 Correct harddisk capacity indic...
2011-08-26 LittlesatUpdate polish translations, thanks blzr
2011-08-26 Littlesatsetup.xml: during the last commit I discored that it...
2011-08-26 Littlesatsetup.xml: Fix type in auto language setup, thanks ims
2011-08-25 pietergHdmiCec: add setting to handle wakeup from deepstandby
2011-08-25 pietergOSD3DSetup: mode setting is a string
2011-08-25 pieterggetFPWasTimerWakeup: remember wakeup status
2011-08-25 pietergHdmiCec: remove duplicate config selection choice
2011-08-25 Mike Looijmansconfig: Don't crash if default is not an option
2011-08-25 Mike LooijmansHarddisk: Hide ext4 conversion option on old kernels
2011-08-24 pietergOSD3DSetup: mode is now written as string
2011-08-23 Mike LooijmansHarddisk: Add DVD speed function
2011-08-23 Mike LooijmansDVDPlayer: Skip exit question on autoplay
2011-08-23 LittlesatUpdate Hungarian translations, thanks Robertut
2011-08-23 Mike LooijmansInfoBarGenerics: Store resume positions in flash
2011-08-22 SjaakyHdmiCec: control receiver wakeup and standby
2011-08-22 SjaakyHdmiCec: add volume key forwarding
2011-08-22 Mike Looijmansservicedvd: Smarter way to deal with cuts files
2011-08-22 pietergOSD3DSupport: use correct 3dmode values
2011-08-22 SjaakyFix lamedb caid pid ordering
2011-08-20 pietergHdmiCec: add 'osd name request' to wakeup detection...
2011-08-20 pietergHdmiCec: use uname to get the hostname
2011-08-20 Mike LooijmansRevert "servicedvd: do not pause at startup"
2011-08-20 Mike LooijmansInfoBarGenerics: Ask to resume when length is unknown
2011-08-20 pietergHdmiCec: fix power status and osd name length
2011-08-19 pietergHdmiCec: fix menu request parsing
2011-08-19 pietergHdmiCEC: move cec command handling to python
2011-08-17 pietergHdmiCec: handle streamRequestReceived
2011-08-17 pieterghdmi_cec: introduce streamRequestReceived signal
2011-08-17 LittlesatAboutscreen: For scrollbar version add all connected...
2011-08-17 pietergHdmiCec: power on when the TV requests a streaming...
2011-08-17 pieterghdmi_cec: several fixes
2011-08-17 LittlesatAdd prefered EPGLanguage to auto language setup
2011-08-15 Mike LooijmansMovieSelection: Allow removal of directories
2011-08-15 Mike LooijmansPluginComponent: Suppress missing* errors
2011-08-15 SjaakyAdd HdmiCec component to the image.
2011-08-15 LittlesatStreamline some About screen components
2011-08-14 LittlesatAuto Language Selection: Fix Norwegian
2011-08-14 Mike LooijmansPluginComponent: Cleanup and speedup
2011-08-14 pietergHdmiCec: add support to wait for tv to be switched on
2011-08-14 pietergHdmiCEC plugin: increase screen size, cancel config...
2011-08-14 pietergHdmiCec: add menu active / inactive support
2011-08-14 pieterghdmi_cec: fix key handling
2011-08-14 pieterghdmi_cec: report menu status based on standby/active...
2011-08-13 pietergadd HdmiCEC setup plugin
2011-08-13 pietergHdmiCec: use physical address for active/inactive commands
2011-08-13 pieterghdmi_cec: add remote control passthrough support (from...
2011-08-13 pietergavswitch: add support to query active status
2011-08-13 Mike LooijmansPluginComponent: Profile plugin imports too
2011-08-13 Mike LooijmansPluginBrowser: Detect installed plugins on removable...
2011-08-12 LittlesatIntroduce About Scroll Label in About Screen
2011-08-10 MirakelsMore fine-grained profile timings
2011-08-07 Mike Prevent plugins from crashing enigma at...
2011-08-06 LittlesatSorry I just saw I left one row of code that was not...
2011-08-06 LittlesatCosmetic changes: during offline upgrade now show a...
2011-08-06 Mike LooijmansPluginComponent: Sort by name, not description
2011-08-06 Moritz Vennallow to compile with libpng 1.5
2011-08-06 Moritz fix rare crash
2011-08-06 LittlesatSmall cosmetics regards about screen
2011-08-06 LittlesatExtend information given on the about screen
2011-08-04 pietergskin_text.xml: show movie name on text display
2011-08-04 LittlesatAdd Slovak Republic and Czech Republic to fastscan
2011-08-03 Mike LooijmansPluginComponent: Order plugins alphabetically