2013-10-25 MirakelsInputDeviceSetup: use 20% of list with for sliders
2013-10-24 LittlesatAlso correct the channelnumber on OSD with numberzap
2013-10-24 LittlesatCorrect the channel number on the OSD without zapping
2013-10-23 MirakelsLanguage: add Norwegian Bokmål
2013-10-23 MirakelsNorwegian translation update
2013-10-23 Mirakelspt_BR translation update
2013-10-23 LittlesatChannelSelection: Handle behavior of empty bouquets
2013-10-23 LittlesatChannelSelection: Streamline correctChannelNumber
2013-10-23 LittlesatAlso correct channelnumber on infobar when channels...
2013-10-23 LittlesatChannelNumber: Remove some not required code
2013-10-22 LittlesatFinetune moving services within user bouquets
2013-10-22 LittlesatAdjust service numbers while moving services
2013-10-20 betacentauriUse max 255 characters for recording filename
2013-10-20 LittlesatServiceScan: Add color buttons and recursive close
2013-10-20 LittlesatServiceScan: auto adjust servicescan fifo list to skin
2013-10-20 LittlesatVisually change behaviour of FIFO list to as it was...
2013-10-20 LittlesatServiceScan: Solve selection issue when no services...
2013-10-20 LittlesatMake services after the serviceScan selectable
2013-10-20 LittlesatConfigList: Normal expected behavior for pageUp/Down
2013-10-20 MirakelsPlugin List: use proper widget width
2013-10-20 LittlesatVirtualKeyBoard: Fix GSOD with some plugins
2013-10-20 LittlesatConfigList: Enable wrap around in config lists
2013-10-19 LittlesatServiceList: Reserve more room for channelnumber
2013-10-19 Athanasios... Make EventViewContextMenu title translatable
2013-10-19 Athanasios... Satdreamgr Change InputDeviceSetup Length to 600
2013-10-18 Mirakelspt_BR translations update
2013-10-18 pietergwhitespace fixes
2013-10-18 MirakelsUpdate finish translation
2013-10-18 LittlesatMessageBox: Make messagebox title translatable
2013-10-18 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation, include commits:
2013-10-18 FrogmanUpdated de.po - includes some more changes by commit...
2013-10-18 FrogmanUpdated de.po - Changes caused by commit 998612297b844e...
2013-10-17 imsadded class ConfigCECAddress into config
2013-10-17 imsfix yellow button for timer type
2013-10-17 Alex RevetchiNicer and faster service path parsing
2013-10-17 Alex RevetchiDangerous std::string usage + few minor optimisations
2013-10-17 Alex RevetchiMemory leak and file handle leak fix
2013-10-17 Alex RevetchiFile handle leak fix
2013-10-16 Alex RevetchiHeringipared possible typo fix
2013-10-16 Alex RevetchigetEnigmaVersionString() returns a pointer to an invali...
2013-10-16 LittlesatRevert "ScanSetup: Correct FECs for DVB-C"
2013-10-16 LittlesatScanSetup: Correct FECs for DVB-C
2013-10-16 LittlesatUpgrade to the fastscans lists that are currently avail...
2013-10-15 LittlesatVirtualKeyboard: Third stage of optimalizations
2013-10-15 LittlesatVirtualKeyboard: Optimize some code a bit more
2013-10-15 LittlesatVirtualKeyboard: rewrite some part of it
2013-10-14 betacentauriAdd streamtype 0x85 for DTS-HD HRA
2013-10-13 LittlesatChange some wordings in setup.xml
2013-10-13 LittlesatChannelselection: Only confirm remove entry when shortc...
2013-10-13 MirakelsSwedish translation update
2013-10-13 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2013-10-13 FrogmanUpdated de.po for commit dd94a649386ca00eeafd2787de01b4...
2013-10-13 LittlesatMake reverse bouquet buttons also configurable.
2013-10-13 LittlesatFix GSOD when changing channel in timer entry
2013-10-13 LittlesatChannelSelection: Are you sure.... is a question
2013-10-12 betacentauriFix cuts file generation for timeshift recordings
2013-10-12 LittlesatChannelSelection: Add some (shortcut) number actions
2013-10-12 LittlesatChannelSelection: Reverse bouquet up down
2013-10-11 unknownVirtualKeyBoard: fix some GSODs with some pluging
2013-10-11 FrogmanUpdate de.po file - Reformatting without wrapping ...
2013-10-09 Athanasios... New Translation for Greek Language
2013-10-09 LittlesatAdd option to keep focus on current service when enteri...
2013-10-09 LittlesatEnsure that always a service is selected
2013-10-09 LittlesatWhen editing alternatives keep focus on marked channels
2013-10-09 imsupdated cs translate
2013-10-09 LittlesatRevert "Show Channelselection on green button when...
2013-10-09 LittlesatRevert "InfobarGenerics: Focus back to All Services...
2013-10-09 LittlesatInfobarGenerics: Focus back to All Services when editin...
2013-10-08 LittlesatMovieSelection: change rename and add dir to VirtualKey...
2013-10-08 blzrpl.po: translation updates
2013-10-08 LittlesatShow Channelselection on green button when there are...
2013-10-08 LittlesatOptimize vkey_all.png with optpng
2013-10-07 LittlesatDo not show all services for bouquets and alternative...
2013-10-07 LittlesatVirtualKeyboard: Ensure returned text is encoded in...
2013-10-07 LittlesatAdd cursor functionality to Virtual Keyboard
2013-10-06 TaapatLatvian translations
2013-10-06 MirakelsGerman Translations
2013-10-06 MirakelsTranslations: regenerate .po files
2013-10-06 MirakelsRevert "Translations: updated po fiels from sources."
2013-10-06 MirakelsVirtual keyboard: add Greek layout
2013-10-06 MirakelsTranslations: updated po fiels from sources.
2013-10-06 MirakelsEnglish translations
2013-10-06 MirakelsGreek Translations
2013-10-06 MirakelsTurkish translations
2013-10-06 MirakelsRussion translations
2013-10-04 LittlesatScanSetup: cosmetics by removing space before double...
2013-10-04 LittlesatChannelSelection: remove a not required mutableList...
2013-10-04 LittlesatChannelSelection: Add option to remove and rename markers
2013-10-04 LittlesatScanSetup: Add predefined transponders
2013-10-04 Mike Reset first_try_prepare on repeating...
2013-10-03 LittlesatChannelSelection: use VirtualKeyboard to modify entries
2013-10-02 LittlesatChannelSelection: Keep focus on renamed service.
2013-10-02 LittlesatChannelselection: Add option to rename selected entry
2013-10-02 LittlesatSatfinder: Fix FECs for DVB-S2
2013-10-02 LittlesatAdd more options to disable PiP with exit button
2013-10-02 LittlesatMake exit on Movieplayer configurable
2013-10-02 LittlesatMake hide PiP on exit configurable via Userinterface...
2013-10-02 LittlesatAlso close PiP when press exit in Movieplayer.
2013-09-30 Mike Looijmanspvrparse: Don't write half AP files.
2013-09-28 LittlesatScanSetup: More fixes for satfind