2016-01-12 meoMerge branch 'master' of master
2016-01-11 technlUpdate Ziggo cablesettings.
2016-01-10 Mike Looijmansmeta-xp: Prevent SRC_URI fetch errors for other boxes...
2016-01-10 Mike LooijmansMerge pull request #30 from Taapat/tuxbox
2016-01-10 TaapatRemove timezone.xml from tuxbox-common
2016-01-09 Mike LooijmansRemove 'frontprocessor' leftovers
2016-01-08 Erik Slagtermeta-xp: update bsp
2016-01-07 Erik Slagtermeta-vuplus: update bsp
2016-01-07 Erik Slagterxtrend: update bsp
2016-01-06 Erik Slagteraio-grab: update
2016-01-04 Erik Slagteraio-grab: and now do it right.
2016-01-04 Erik Slagteraio-grab: update new LICENSE checksum.
2016-01-04 Erik Slagteraio-grab: update to include vusolo4k support.
2016-01-03 Erik SlagterStreamproxy: update.
2016-01-02 Mike LooijmansGet rid of "colorlcd" feature
2015-12-30 Mike Looijmansgst-plugin-subsink: Update master and remove autoconfig...
2015-12-29 meoMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-29 meoMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-28 Erik Slagtermeta-vuplus: update bsp
2015-12-27 Erik SlagterFix builds for some non-fpu arch models on gcc 5 by...
2015-12-26 technlupdate oscam to rev11202, solved streampid issues
2015-12-23 Erik Slagtermeta-vuplus: update bsp
2015-12-23 Mike Looijmansxmltvimport-rytec: Update sources to 2015-11-25
2015-12-23 technlUpdate oscam to rev.11200, errno fix and improved nano...
2015-12-21 Athanasios... udpxy: add init script
2015-12-16 dpeddienigma2-plugin-extensions-hbbtv: remove fix-hbbtv-crash...
2015-12-16 meoMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-15 Athanasios... meta-dream: Update kernel to 3.2.68
2015-12-15 meoMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-15 technlUpdate HansSettings to dec 14 2015
2015-12-15 meovusolo4k Remove hbbtv and start webkithbbtv support
2015-12-14 meo- Add vusolo4k support
2015-12-14 meo update default skin
2015-12-14 meoupdate hbbtv
2015-12-12 meovuplus-blindscan-utils use the same file of black-hole...
2015-12-11 meochange meta-buplus-bh structure: now vu-drivers, turbo...
2015-12-11 Erik Slagterxtrend: update bsp
2015-12-11 blzrfakelocale ru_RU LC_TIME: change month names to genitiv...
2015-12-11 Erik Slagtere2openplugins: update.
2015-12-11 Erik SlagterRevert "e2openplugins: update"
2015-12-11 Erik Slagtere2openplugins: update
2015-12-11 Erik Slagtermeta-vuplus: update bsp
2015-12-11 dpeddifix conflict
2015-12-10 technlxsarius: update bsp
2015-12-10 Erik Slagtermeta-vuplus: update bsp
2015-12-10 meobump to 0.2 version
2015-12-10 meoMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-10 meoMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-10 meoMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-08 Erik Slagterxtrend: update bsp
2015-12-05 Mike Looijmanssettings-autorestore: Create logfile from autoinstall...
2015-12-04 technlUpdate oscam to rev.11196
2015-12-04 technlxtrend: update bsp
2015-12-04 Erik Slagterrtorrent: update source URI, the domain has vanished.
2015-12-04 Erik Slagterlibtorrent: update source URL, the domain has vanished.
2015-12-04 Erik SlagterIcesat settings: update
2015-12-02 Erik Slagtermeta-vuplus: update bsp
2015-12-01 technlupdate oscam to rev 11192
2015-11-29 littlesatMerge pull request #22 from HD-Digital/master
2015-11-29 technlUpdate Henksat Settings nov-23-2015
2015-11-28 technlUpdate oscam to rev 11183
2015-11-27 TaapatRemove tabs in openwebif.bbappend to disable warning...
2015-11-27 Taapatbusybox mount first internal device...
2015-11-22 blzrradio background: use the radio.mvi directly, no reason...
2015-11-22 imsadd pictures of the Mutant hd1100 and hd1200 remotecontrol
2015-11-20 technladd pictures of the Xsarius remotecontrol to the openwe...
2015-11-20 technlUpdate Hans Settings to nov 19 2015
2015-11-17 technlmeta-vuplus: update bsp
2015-11-17 technlmut@nt: update bsp
2015-11-17 HD-Digitalupdate mut@nt driver
2015-11-16 Erik Slagtercdfs: support 4.2 kernel.
2015-11-16 Erik Slagterxtrend: update bsp
2015-11-15 Mike Looijmansxmltvimport: Get fixes from Dima73
2015-11-14 Erik Slagtermeta-xsarius: update bsp
2015-11-12 Erik Slagterpd1loi skin: remove for now.
2015-11-11 littlesatMerge pull request #20 from Taapat/xmltvimport
2015-11-11 Taapatxmltvimport: move plugin build in Extensions folder
2015-11-11 littlesatMerge pull request #18 from Taapat/xmltvimport
2015-11-10 technlformuler: update bsp
2015-11-09 TaapatFix debug building and remove path to not exist files...
2015-11-09 TaapatUse distutils-openplugins for xmltvimport build to...
2015-11-09 TaapatRemove dreamcrc library hack in plugin xmltvimport
2015-11-09 technlUpdate oscam to rev.11107
2015-11-08 Mike Looijmansxmltvimport: Fix invalid NL translation
2015-11-08 Mike LooijmansMerge pull request #15 from HD-Digital/master
2015-11-08 Mike Looijmansenigma2-plugin-extensions-xmltvimport: Fixed installing...
2015-11-07 technlHanksat settings update nov-2015
2015-11-05 technlmut@nt: update bsp
2015-11-05 HD-Digitalupdate submodule hd digital
2015-11-04 Mike LooijmansUpgrade XMLTV Rytec sources
2015-11-04 Erik Slagtermeta-vuplus: update bsp
2015-11-04 technlUpdate HansSettings nov 3rd 2015.
2015-11-03 technlUpdate oscam to r11081, Viaccess EMM fix.....
2015-11-03 technlxsarius: update bsp
2015-11-01 technlupdate to rev. 11071, solved bug in streampid takeover.
2015-10-31 technlAdd an example for master-box/second-box server/client...
2015-10-31 Erik Slagtersat>ip: add minisatip and satip-client to the feed.
2015-10-30 technlxsarius: update bsp
2015-10-29 Erik Slagterxtrend: update bsp
2015-10-27 Erik Slagterxtrend: update bsp