ChannelSelection: fix zapBack if use "Enable OK as preview in channel selection"
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / data /
2015-12-11 TaapatFix rgb profile and optimize added timer_autotimer.png
2015-12-10 littlesatMerge pull request #121 from Dima73/timer
2015-12-08 Dima73TimerList: add icon Autotimer
2015-12-06 Dima73add stream client gui info
2015-11-30 Dima73skin_default: add missing hdd.png
2015-11-23 technlAdd Xsarius fusionhdse remotecontrol picture.
2015-11-22 blzrRemove radio-hd.mvi which is obsolete now
2015-11-22 imsuse hd1100 remote control in help screen for hd1200 too
2015-11-21 littlesatRemove obsolete screen in skin_default
2015-11-16 Dima73skin_text_formuler1: fix blink time for recording
2015-11-15 littlesatSmall changes DVD and Movieplayer for Formuler1 Display
2015-11-12 littlesatRevert "Add option to enable or disable the timer confl...
2015-11-07 Dima73New specific skin_text.xml
2015-10-29 Erik Slagterlocale/translation: remove " xml escapes.
2015-10-25 Erik SlagterCA: add global overrides for per-timer decryption and...
2015-10-24 littlesatAdd option to enable or disable the timer conflict...
2015-10-24 Erik Slagterconfig descriptions: rephrase streaming/descrambling...
2015-10-24 Erik Slagterstreaming/remote fallback tuner: Add option to always...
2015-10-12 littlesatMerge pull request #64 from Dima73/tuner
2015-10-08 Dima73[PositionerSetup] add checking USALS ,update skin ...
2015-10-02 Dima73[SessionGlobals] add session.HddSleepingState
2015-09-19 technlAdd remote-control picture for Xsarius box
2015-09-19 littlesatAdd option to show permanent background behing subtitles
2015-09-18 technlMerge pull request #42 from Dima73/master
2015-09-18 Dima73New options 'advanced priority tuner' by type tuners
2015-09-13 technlAdded HD1200 remote control
2015-07-28 Mike LooijmansCosmetic: remove execute bits from non executabe files
2015-07-23 Dima73update skin_display_et8500.xml
2015-05-06 imsGMEPG - use GMEPGSelectAction instead EPGSelectAction
2015-05-06 dima73menu.xml: added entryID("keyboard_setup" and "lcd_setup")
2015-05-02 blzrtimezone.xml: test version that includes zone adjustments
2015-05-01 imsGMEPG - Primetime/Now under Blue, Input date/time under...
2015-05-01 imsGMEPG - added toggle between primetime and now under...
2015-04-20 Erik Slagtertimezone.xml: another type (zone Atlantic doesn't exist).
2015-04-20 Erik Slagtertimezone.xml: (re-)correct obvious typo.
2015-04-20 Erik SlagterRevert "timezones.xml: add Samara, Algeria, Riga, Talli...
2015-04-19 Erik Slagtertimezone.xml: more corrections as contributed by Taapat.
2015-04-17 Erik Slagtertimezone.xml: correct typo in Africat/Kinshasa
2015-04-17 Erik Slagtertimezones.xml: add Samara, Algeria, Riga, Tallinn and...
2015-04-11 littlesatDisplay VU/XT10K centralize service name
2015-04-10 Erik Slagtertimezone.xml: add to enigma2 package as it's the only
2015-04-02 imsconfigurable display rotor position in infobar
2015-03-25 littlesatEncoding.conf: Remove UPC-Direct Astra-1 transponder
2015-03-21 Erik Slagterradio logo: new logo by Frenske.
2015-03-19 technltime for a new radiologo :)
2015-03-11 littlesatHotkey: Add recursive fallback via 'menu' and '0' to...
2015-03-07 imsmissing key_ added into Makefile
2015-03-07 littlesatUse optipng on new pngs added by IMS
2015-03-07 imsfix true buttons name - key_prev, key_next, added key_l...
2015-03-07 imsadded key-left and key-right buttons into default skin
2015-02-27 technlcosmetic update for et8500 display
2015-02-21 technlsmall changes for the et8500 display
2015-02-21 blzrencoding.conf: update to fix epg encoding for BBC Brit...
2015-02-16 Mike Looijmansbsod: Remove the never used "detailed" crash log and...
2015-02-14 littlesatInfoBar: EPG and Info functions are defined via Hotkey
2015-02-10 technluse a font available....
2015-02-10 technlfirst try to improve the et8500 display, still a lot...
2015-02-06 littlesatUpdated fonts
2015-02-02 imsfix typo in text
2015-01-31 littlesatRevert "Remove clone live TV from display setup"
2015-01-31 littlesatRemove clone live TV from display setup
2015-01-31 Erik Slagtercosmetic: fix file modes for some files.
2015-01-31 littlesatHotkey: Add toggle liveTV or OSD on LCDdisplay for...
2015-01-30 Erik Slagteret8500: lcd: add default skin for display.
2015-01-30 betacentauriTurn on/off tv live modus for et8500 display
2015-01-25 Mike LooijmansScreenSaver: Make background black, and show Tux
2015-01-25 LittlesatMake load unlinked bouquets configurable
2015-01-17 LittlesatBring back alternative coloring for pango (external...
2015-01-10 Erik Slagtersubtitles: change option description as it appears...
2015-01-10 Erik Slagtersubtitles: add dialog colourisation.
2015-01-10 Erik Slagtersubtitles: change wording of rewrap option.
2015-01-05 littlesatThe hollidays are over - back to normal png for screensaver
2014-12-28 littlesatUpdate to next Holliday -> Fireworks screensaver
2014-12-26 littlesatMovieList: add F1, F2 and F3 as configurable functions
2014-12-20 littlesatChange our 10th anniversary screen saver picture to...
2014-12-19 imsadded parameter for rows in columns for MemoryInfo...
2014-12-19 imscosmetic - meminfo as 25 lines in skin_default
2014-12-19 imscosmetic in memoryinfo - show progressbar
2014-12-18 littlesatAbout: Finetune previous Memory Info patch
2014-12-18 Mike LooijmansAdd message about enigma2-fonts to data/fonts/
2014-12-17 littlesatChange changes I forgot in a required for...
2014-12-17 littlesatChange the subtitle font
2014-12-17 Erik Slagtercosmetic: skin_display_hd2400.xml: clean up ws
2014-12-17 add oled display skin for hd2400
2014-12-17 Erik Slagtercosmetic: rc_models.cfg, remove ws at eol.
2014-12-17 add remote for hd models
2014-12-07 technladd vuzero remote control
2014-12-03 littlesatBring back ChannelSelectEPGActions
2014-11-30 littlesatRemove ChannelSelectEPGActions from keymap
2014-11-30 dima73Add selectable EPG options in ChannelSelection
2014-11-30 littlesatSolve small cosmetic typo in skin-default.png
2014-11-27 littlesatSubtitle.xml: Scale the new subtitlefont as it looks...
2014-11-26 LittlesatPangaSubtitles: Arrange that subtitles can be displayed...
2014-11-26 littlesatGive the buffer screen a high zposition instead of...
2014-11-25 imshotkey- added long help button
2014-11-24 littlesatSolve typo in default-skin.xml, thanks Taapat for the...
2014-11-22 LittlesatAdd buffer status indication when starting webstreams
2014-11-20 imsAdded and fixed Formuler1 and XP1000 for helpscreen.
2014-11-19 imsadded posibility add bullet into ChoucesList
2014-11-17 imschanged keyboard's keycodes KEY_BACK/KEY_FORWARD as...