Extrenal srt problem gst-1 solved.
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib / gdi / epng.cpp
2015-04-30 MirakelsMore debug cosmetics
2014-06-07 radxnlwhitespace fixes
2013-08-11 Mike Looijmansgdi/epng, gdi/gpixmap: A few minor optimizations, use...
2013-07-31 Mike Looijmansgdi/epng,gpixmap: Implement a duplicate pixmap caching...
2013-07-28 Mike Looijmansgdi: Remove unnecessary null checks, use accel for...
2012-11-04 Mike LooijmansUse CFile wrapper in more places
2012-10-20 Mirakelsepng: fix gray type and tRNS chunk processing
2012-10-14 Mirakelsepng: re-add support for all png types
2012-10-13 Mirakelsepng: cosmetic whitespace, debug messages
2011-09-12 Mike Looijmansepng: Support images with <8 bits per pixel
2011-08-06 Moritz Vennallow to compile with libpng 1.5
2011-01-08 pietergePixmap: support scaling for png's
2010-11-16 Andreas Oberritterdefine PNG_SKIP_SETJMP_CHECK to fix conflict with Python.h
2008-10-18 Andreas Monznerfix memleak
2008-10-18 Andreas Monznerfixes by adenin
2008-06-06 Andreas Monzneronly allow gray pngs or pngs with palette
2008-01-22 Felix Domkefix byte order for jpg
2007-12-13 Felix Domkefix loadJPG
2007-12-12 Felix Domkeadd (untested) loadJPG with optional alpha channel
2005-12-05 Felix Domkepng: remove debug
2005-12-05 Felix Domkelistboxcontent: add support for pixmaps in list
2005-04-25 Andreas Monzneruninitialized variable
2005-04-15 Felix Domke - sdl is now default output
2004-05-27 Felix Domkeyes! ich habs kaputt gemacht! (doesn't compile anymore...
2003-10-17 Felix Domkeimport of enigma2