Extrenal srt problem gst-1 solved.
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib / gdi /
2015-05-16 betacentaurigRC: Initialize variables before use
2015-05-07 pietergfb: fix retvals
2015-05-07 pieterggdi: add sanitychecks on framebuffer fd
2015-04-30 MirakelsMore debug cosmetics
2015-03-23 MirakelsSome more debug cosmetics
2015-03-22 Mirakelsupdate debugging output
2015-02-06 littlesatRevert "Do not use kerning between digits "1"."
2015-02-05 imsDo not use kerning between digits "1".
2015-01-30 betacentauriAdd support for framebuffer LCDs
2014-12-27 Mike Looijmanspicload.cpp: Fix race in thread code
2014-08-23 Captnoordreplaced all the __u8, __u16, __u32 etc types with...
2014-08-09 Mike LooijmansUse CFile in a few more places
2014-08-01 Steven Hovingfixed memory leak because of incorrect delete.
2014-06-07 radxnlwhitespace fixes
2014-03-04 imsnext fix for teletext and oled display on dmm
2014-03-04 imsfix oled problem and teletext on dmm
2014-02-09 Mike LooijmansAdd OpenMP support (picload only for now)
2013-12-09 betacentauriFix framebuffer locking
2013-10-17 Alex RevetchiMemory leak and file handle leak fix
2013-09-28 Mike Looijmansgpixmap: Change "return" into assignment in line()
2013-09-08 Mike LooijmansRevert "gdi/bcm: Remove static struct"
2013-09-08 Mike LooijmansRevert "gdi/bcm: Make instruction sets static again"
2013-09-07 Mike Looijmansgdi/bcm: Make instruction sets static again
2013-09-04 Mike Looijmansgdi/bcm: Remove static struct
2013-08-26 Mike Looijmansgpixmap: Only use accel fill when worth the overhead
2013-08-24 Mike Looijmansgdi/gpixmap.cpp: Fix the "accel" conclusion
2013-08-18 Mike Looijmansgdi/gpixmap: Fix rendering 32-bit with alphablending
2013-08-18 Mike Looijmansgdi/picload: Fix 32-bit rendering (handle stride correctly)
2013-08-18 Littlesatgpixmap: simply keep aspect ratio for blit scale
2013-08-17 Littlesatgpixmap: fix typo for software scaling 32-bit images
2013-08-17 Littlesatgdi/gpixmap: Add functionality to keep aspect ratio...
2013-08-17 Mike Looijmansgdi/gpixmap: Implement software scaling for 32-bit...
2013-08-17 Mike Looijmansgdi/font.cpp: Remove unused variable width
2013-08-17 Mike Looijmansgdi/gpixmap: Move alphablend function into gRGB class
2013-08-16 Mike Looijmansgdi/gpixmap: Implement software scaling
2013-08-15 Mike LooijmansMore realistic hardware blit usage policy
2013-08-11 Mike Looijmansgdi/epng, gdi/gpixmap: A few minor optimizations, use...
2013-08-10 Mike Looijmansgpixmap: Copy palette to hardware only once.
2013-08-10 Mike Looijmansgdi/picexif: Remove unused variable "data_precision"
2013-08-09 Mike Looijmansgdi/gpixmap: Don't use broken hardware alphablending
2013-08-03 Mike Looijmansgdi/gpixmap: Automatically use accel
2013-08-03 Mike Looijmansgdi/gpixmap: Simplify gRGB using union
2013-08-03 Mike LooijmansgPalette::findColor: Check transparency first
2013-07-31 Mike Looijmansgdi/epng,gpixmap: Implement a duplicate pixmap caching...
2013-07-31 Mike Looijmansgdi/accel: Change allocation granularity to 64 bytes
2013-07-31 Mike Looijmansgdi/gpixmap: Remove unused variables, simpler c'tor
2013-07-31 LittlesatFix some cosmetic typos regards picload.cpp
2013-07-30 Littlesatpicload: Make it possible to call setPara from cpp
2013-07-29 Mike Looijmansgdi/accel: Create a "first fit" memory manager
2013-07-29 Mike Looijmanspicload: Fix rendering 8-bit images that aren't 64...
2013-07-28 Mike Looijmansgdi/font: Fix gSurface cast warning
2013-07-28 Mike Looijmansgfbdc: Remove superfluous member variables
2013-07-28 Mike Looijmansgdi: Get rid of "offset" member
2013-07-28 Mike Looijmansgdi: Remove unnecessary null checks, use accel for...
2013-07-27 Mike Looijmansgdi/accel: Keep track of accel surfaces and "convert...
2013-07-27 Mike Looijmansgdi accel: Simpler interface that allows more control
2013-07-21 Mike LooijmansFix previous commit
2013-07-21 Mike Looijmansgdi: Add UnmanagedSurface struct to get rid of "type...
2013-07-21 Mike Looijmansgdi/accel: Allow inlining getInstance()
2013-03-23 imsfix for block alignment
2013-03-23 imsrepaired block alignment
2013-01-27 imsfont: fix boundingbox calculation for bordered glyphs
2013-01-24 imsfix character spacing for centered, right aligned,...
2012-12-27 Mike Looijmansgdi: Implement drawing non-black lines on surfaces...
2012-11-04 Mike LooijmansUse CFile wrapper in more places
2012-11-04 pietergCFile: transparantly wrap FILE pointer
2012-11-04 Mike LooijmansIntroduce CFile wrapper around FILE
2012-10-23 MirakelsgLCDDC: cosmetic white space and extra eDebug to show...
2012-10-20 Mirakelsepng: fix gray type and tRNS chunk processing
2012-10-14 Mirakelsepng: re-add support for all png types
2012-10-13 Mirakelsepng: cosmetic whitespace, debug messages
2012-07-25 Mirakelswhitespace, readability/indentation fixes
2012-07-23 Mirakelspicload cosmetics
2012-07-23 Mirakelsfix update in picload to actually fix the possible...
2012-07-23 Mirakelspicload: allow to resize without keeping aspect ratio
2012-06-12 LittlesatTry to fix rendering RTL-LTR text rendering (part 2)
2012-06-11 LittlesatTry to fix rendering RTL-LTR text rendering (e.g. durin...
2012-05-16 pieterglcd: define FP_IOCTL_LCD_DIMM
2012-05-16 pieterglcd: remove the need for dbox includes
2012-03-15 Mike Looijmansgrc.cpp: Increase stack size
2012-03-15 pieterggfbdc: fixup initial framebuffer resolution
2012-03-14 pietergfb: no need to restore initial framebuffer mode when...
2012-03-14 pietergfb: force blit after clearing the framebuffer area
2012-03-14 pieterggfbdc: avoid duplicate fb memset
2012-03-14 pietergfb: msync before munmap
2012-03-14 pietergget rid of hardcoded 720x576 framebuffer dimensions
2012-03-14 Mike LooijmansgRC: Reduce thread stack size from 8M to 256k
2012-03-03 Mike LooijmansNon-recursive makefile part 2
2012-02-12 pietergavoid potential filedescriptor badness and leaks
2012-02-11 pieterglcd: treat 1bpp, 4bpp, 8bpp differently when flipping
2012-02-11 pieterglcd: remove accidental debug leftover
2012-02-11 pieterglcd: fix x boundary when flipping 'is_oled == 1'
2012-02-11 pieterglcd: bit swap pixeldata when flipping
2012-02-11 pieterglcd: implement flip and invert support for 'is_oled...
2012-02-10 pieterglcd: add flip support
2012-01-14 Erik SlagterFix for artifacts occuring in teletext subtitles when
2012-01-14 Mike Looijmansskin: Add margins to desktop
2012-01-03 Mike Looijmansaccel.cpp: Stop outputting "accel memstat:" debug spam
2011-11-27 pietergfont: compensate boundingbox calculation for bordered...
2011-11-17 Mike Looijmansgpixmap: Move "if" outside loop, few other minors,...