fix copy/paste bug in similar epg for FullHD
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib / python / Components /
2015-10-15 imsfix copy/paste bug in similar epg for FullHD
2015-01-21 imsEPGList - aded warning when is wrong size for multipara...
2015-01-21 imsadded several parameters into EPGList for better fullhd...
2015-01-12 littlesatapplySkin: avoid to use eval, use local().get(attrib...
2015-01-12 imsfor EPGList added skin parameters setEventItemFont...
2014-10-28 dima73RecordTimer: Change timer name for repeated timers.
2014-06-07 radxnlwhitespace fixes
2013-08-28 LittlesatEpgList: Rename function getPixmapForEntry to getClockT...
2013-08-28 LittlesatEpgList: Adapt simultanious events and multi EPG to...
2013-08-28 imsbetter vertical alignment for text and timer icons...
2013-08-28 LittlesatArrange that some EPG events may have more then one...
2013-08-26 imsfixed displaying timers icons in epg added icons for...
2013-08-23 LittlesatAdd zapclock_add for EPGlist and GMEPG
2013-08-23 LittlesatAdd Zaptimer picons for GMEPG and EpgList
2013-03-19 LittlesatEpgList: Old EPG data in signle list and remaing durati...
2012-10-22 Mirakelsrefactor code to find images for recorded events in epg
2012-08-03 LittlesatMultiEPG: At startup also jump to service that has...
2012-05-30 Erik SlagterCosmetic: remove unnecessary execute bits on
2010-04-04 Mike LooijmansSimplify Rect class, remove some leading zeros
2009-11-11 acid-burnComponents/-{,,
2009-05-24 fix typo (replace begTime with beginTime)..
2009-05-21 Felix DomkePatch by nix-nix: Factor out getPixmapForEntry for...
2009-03-22 Felix Domkehandle empty bouquets
2009-02-15 ghostinvalidate listboxcontent on epglist sort
2009-02-12 ghostsmall speedups/cleanups by moritz venn
2009-01-09 Felix Domkefixes by adenin:
2009-01-03 ghostsmall timer fixes by adenin
2008-12-28 ghostfix typo
2008-12-22 ghostadd possibility to remove timers in epglist
2008-04-13 Felix Domkepng cleanup by nemesis, source changes.
2008-02-14 Andreas Monznerunlink some cyclic dependencys to get garbage collectio...
2008-01-10 Andreas Monznerepg fixes
2008-01-10 Andreas Monznerfix bsod when draw epglist entrys without beginTime
2007-12-13 Felix Domkefactor out loadPNG into generic LoadPixmap
2007-10-25 Andreas Monznersmall fix
2007-08-13 Felix Domkekeep selected event when modifying sort order (Moritz...
2007-07-30 Felix Domkefix fillSimilarList
2007-07-30 Felix Domkepossibility to sort epg list alphabetically (thanks...
2007-07-27 Andreas Monznersmall cleanup/speedup
2007-07-22 Andreas Monznercleanup some imports
2007-01-21 Andreas Monznerfix non working code
2007-01-20 Andreas Monznersmall speedup
2007-01-11 Andreas Monznerfilter short name brakets in getContent ('N')
2006-12-19 Andreas Monznersome python import cleanups
2006-11-20 Andreas Monznermake xgettext happy
2006-05-06 Andreas Monznerremove no more needed c++ single epg list content class
2006-05-03 Felix Domkerevert & fix typo
2006-05-03 Andreas Monznerfix crash since GUI rebuilding
2006-05-01 Felix Domkesimplify GUIcreate/createWidget, fix base class order
2006-04-26 Andreas Monzneralignment fixes
2006-04-26 Andreas Monzneradd ability to list all events for a specific start...
2006-04-23 Andreas Monzneradd week days to epg list
2006-04-20 Andreas Monznershow inTimerIcon also in similar event list
2006-04-20 Andreas Monznerfix crash when try to open similar event list when...
2006-04-19 Andreas Monznershow similar broadcastings deferred in eventview
2006-04-15 Andreas Monznershow "in timer" icon also in multiepg
2006-04-15 Andreas Monznerfix bug in (line 79, in getCurrent .. TypeEr...
2006-03-11 Andreas Monznerfix showing timer symbol in epglist..
2006-03-07 Andreas Monzneradd ability to set a callback build function in listbox...
2006-03-01 Stefan Plueckendisplay clock png in single epg list for fitting timers...
2006-02-03 Andreas Monznerenable wrap around in epglist and servicelist
2006-01-25 Andreas Monznermany info handling changes (nownext/multi/single epg)
2006-01-25 Andreas Monzneradd selchanged signal to listbox
2006-01-10 Andreas Monznerfix
2006-01-05 Andreas Monznernicer
2006-01-04 Andreas Monznerfix
2006-01-02 Andreas Monznerdont use queryEPG callback (no more memleak? or smaller...
2006-01-02 Andreas Monzneradd two native python epg views
2005-12-23 Stefan Plueckenreplace "Arial" by "Regular"
2005-11-11 Andreas Monznercorret use for getCurrent method
2005-11-10 Andreas Monznertry to add a epglist (not working yet)