TimerSanityCheck: Solve check with alternatives
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib / python / Components / TimerSanityCheck.py
2015-06-07 littlesatTimerSanityCheck: Solve check with alternatives
2015-01-23 dima73TimerSanityCheck: Add an additional constraint to doubl...
2015-01-23 dima73TimeSanityCheck: cosmetic.
2015-01-12 dima73TimerSanityCheck: Reduce incorrect conflicts
2014-06-07 radxnlwhitespace fixes
2011-11-05 LittlesatTimerSanityCheck: fix typo
2011-11-05 LittlesatTimerSanityCheck: Fix bug when the list has less then...
2011-02-11 Mike LooijmansMerge remote branch 'dream/master' into mm
2010-12-20 ghostadd missing import
2010-12-20 ghostTimerSanityCheck.py: ignore ended singleshot timers...
2010-10-17 Mike LooijmansMerge commit 'c18bde2f75df7aa93eefbaf866d28fe1a5d290b8...
2010-10-06 Stefan Plueckenrefs bug #460
2010-07-24 Stefan Plueckenrefs bug #460
2009-12-27 Mike LooijmansRemove lots of timer debugging output
2009-09-23 ghosttake care of servicegroups in doublecheck
2009-02-24 ghostsmall optimizations and cleanups by Moritz Venn
2009-02-13 ghosttimerfix by adenin
2009-02-12 ghostsmall speedups/cleanups by moritz venn
2009-01-21 ghost"type" -> "tuner_type"... tuner_type is one of "DVB...
2008-12-21 ghostfix death screen in some conditions
2008-11-07 ghostfix TimerSanityCheck for Service Groups (Alternatives)
2008-10-21 Andreas Monznersmall fix (unused code yet)
2008-10-20 Andreas Monznerchange order of index and begin/end flag and swap begin...
2008-10-20 Andreas Monznerfix
2008-10-20 Andreas Monznerfix typo? ! ?
2008-10-20 Andreas Monznergui timeroverlap fixes,
2008-10-20 Andreas Monznerfix typo
2008-10-20 Andreas MonznergetFrontendData is not working when the service is...
2008-10-20 Andreas Monznerremove unneeded del...
2008-10-20 Andreas Monznerfix non correct working timer sanity check!
2008-10-18 Andreas Monzneradd timeroverlap detection made by adenin (thanks for...
2007-07-22 Andreas Monznercleanup some imports
2006-10-02 Felix Domkeconfig rewrite. some extensions still need to be updated.
2006-01-26 Stefan Plueckensome work on the timer sanity check (overlapping timers...
2006-01-25 Stefan Plueckenadded a sanity check for timer editor (no functionality...