About - do not display GStreamer text in version
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib / python / Screens / About.py
2015-02-07 imsAbout - do not display GStreamer text in version
2015-02-05 imsfix default for single parameter in About, when paramet...
2015-02-04 imsDivide info about storage devices optionaly as skin...
2015-02-04 imsPython version in About screen
2015-02-02 imsInto About added date of flash receiver
2014-12-26 imsAbout - added red button into TranslationInfo and ComitInfo
2014-12-19 imsnumber of rows in columns can be changed from skin...
2014-12-19 imsMeminfo - new column after 25 rows, cosmetic
2014-12-18 littlesatAbout: Finetune previous Memory Info patch
2014-12-18 imsadded memory info into about
2014-12-18 imsfix display free capacity
2014-11-09 littlesatAbout: Add date of latest (DVB) drivers installed
2014-11-05 littlesatAbout: Streamline some code around the CPU temperature
2014-11-05 imsadded cpu temperature into about
2014-10-26 Athanasios OikonomouIntroduce getGStreamerVersionString function and use...
2014-10-16 littlesatAbout: Add CPU info
2014-06-28 littlesatAbout: allow via left/right buttons more project commit...
2014-06-16 LittlesatAbout.py: Solve a typo retreived -> retrieved
2014-01-10 LittlesatRevise read latest commitlogs from Source Forge
2013-11-07 LittlesatAbout: Add option to view the latest commits on sourceforge
2013-02-25 Stephen R. van den... Give the About screen a label on the green button.
2012-11-16 pietergmessage cosmetics
2012-09-13 radxnlStbHardware: more generic naming
2011-08-26 LittlesatComponents.About.py: Add boardrevision and version...
2011-08-17 LittlesatAboutscreen: For scrollbar version add all connected...
2011-08-12 LittlesatIntroduce About Scroll Label in About Screen
2011-08-06 LittlesatSmall cosmetics regards about screen
2011-08-06 LittlesatExtend information given on the about screen
2011-07-29 LittlesatAdd kernel version to About screen
2011-06-12 LittlesatChange back Enigma and Image in /Screens/About.py
2011-06-03 LittlesatThe about screen now indicates the date of last complet...
2011-05-15 imsfree capacity of HDD in GB for About
2009-02-24 ghostsmall optimizations and cleanups by Moritz Venn
2008-07-11 Andreas Monzneruse harddiskmanager in about screen
2007-11-26 Andreas Monznerremove unneeded imports
2007-11-09 Felix Domkepreliminary translator about screen - can be displayed...
2007-10-26 Felix Domkeconvert About screen to source/renderer system. Change...
2007-07-22 Andreas Monznercleanup some imports
2007-05-18 Felix DomkeNIM cleanup, as described in https://lists.elitedvb...
2006-03-06 Stefan Plueckenfix about box to be usable on one tuner boxes (7020)
2006-02-24 Felix Domkebeautify about (HDD)
2006-02-21 Felix Domkedisplay front processor version in about screen
2006-01-01 Stefan Plueckenuse image-version from /etc/image-version as version...
2005-11-17 Stefan Plueckentranslations
2005-11-14 Ronny Strutzjust show hdd info when there is one
2005-10-08 Stefan Plueckenadded nims to the about box
2005-09-29 Ronny Strutza bit more/nicer fakes
2005-09-02 Ronny Strutzone empty line
2005-09-02 Stefan Plueckenshow free hdd space in aboutbox
2005-09-02 Stefan Plueckenshow hdd capacity in aboutbox
2005-09-02 Stefan Plueckenshow harddisk model in aboutbox
2005-08-28 Ronny Strutzadd about