added HD1200 box into InputDeviceSetup
[openblackhole/openblackhole-enigma2.git] / lib / python / Screens /
2015-11-23 imsadded HD1200 box into InputDeviceSetup
2015-06-15 Dima73Fix various problems with et7000/et7500/et8500 remote
2015-02-14 littlesatInputDeviceSetup: avoid GSOD when selecting standard...
2015-01-23 dima73InputDeviceSetup: Use RC Code '5' for ET9000/9100
2014-12-21 imsfix missing comma in code
2014-12-17 add remote for hd models
2014-10-10 Erik Slagterremote control: add xtrend xt7x00 remote control.
2014-10-04 littlesatInputDeviceSetup: add formuler remote control
2014-04-30 LittlesatUse timeout_default when changing remote control type
2014-02-21 LittlesatInputDeviceSetup: Add new Xtrend remotes
2013-10-25 MirakelsInputDeviceSetup: clean list on recreating device optio...
2013-10-25 MirakelsInputDeviceSetup: use 20% of list with for sliders
2013-10-19 Athanasios OikonomouSatdreamgr Change InputDeviceSetup Length to 600
2013-01-24 pietergInputDeviceSetup: fix config entry label translation
2013-01-24 pietergRevert "changes for gettext in input devices"
2012-12-05 pietergInputDeviceSetup: add missing xp1000 rctype
2012-10-29 radxnlInputDeviceSetup: add et4x00 remote control
2012-09-16 pietergInputDeviceSetup: move remote control type submenu...
2012-09-16 pietergInputDeviceSetup: cosmetics
2012-09-10 radxnlInputDeviceSetup: add option to select what type of...
2012-03-04 imschanges for gettext in input devices
2012-01-13 pietergConfigListScreen derivates: implement recursive close
2010-08-26 acid-burnEnigma2: add possibility to configure input device...
2010-08-26 acid-burnEnigma2: add possibility to configure input device...