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2015-12-25 Dima73update ru.po
2015-12-25 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-12-23 technlUpdate Greek translations, thnx glamourservices.
2015-12-21 technlUpdate Norwegian Bokmal translations, by andy1.
2015-12-21 technlUpdate for the French translations, by Pr2.
2015-12-18 technlUpdated Turkish translation, thnx asiBenlik
2015-12-18 Dima73update ru.po
2015-12-12 Erik SlagterLocale: fix 23dd65d3f message duplication.
2015-12-12 technlMerge pull request #127 from Taapat/translation
2015-12-12 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-12-12 Dima73update ru.po
2015-12-12 technlUpdate Greek translations, thnx glamourservices....
2015-12-07 Dima73update ru.po
2015-12-06 technlUpdate Turkish translations, thnx. asiBenlik.
2015-12-06 technlUpdate French translations, thnx Pr2
2015-12-04 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-11-29 littlesatMerge pull request #104 from Taapat/translation
2015-11-25 Dima73update ru
2015-11-22 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-11-16 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-11-16 technlUpdate French translationsfor enigma2, by Pr2.
2015-11-14 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-11-07 technlMerge pull request #89 from Dima73/pull1
2015-11-07 Dima73update ru.po
2015-11-06 technlUpdate Estonian translations. The main translation...
2015-11-05 technlUpdate of Swedish translations, thnx nisse69
2015-11-03 technlUpdate German translations by Starbuck.
2015-11-03 blzrUpdate polish translations
2015-11-03 technlUpdate Greek translations by glamourservices
2015-11-03 technlUpdate Norwegian Bokmal translations by Andy.
2015-11-01 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-11-01 technlUpdate of French translations done by Pr2, thanks Pr2!
2015-10-30 Dima73update ru.po
2015-10-28 technlUpdate Norwegian bokmal translation.
2015-10-21 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-10-20 technlFull french translation. Thnx again Pr2
2015-10-20 technlupdate for the swedish translation.
2015-10-18 blzrpl.po: Translations update and some corrections
2015-10-17 j00zekCorrection of PL translation
2015-10-11 j00zekUpdate pl.po
2015-10-08 technlUpdate French translations by Pr2
2015-10-07 technlMerge pull request #63 from Dima73/translation
2015-10-07 Dima73update ru.po
2015-10-07 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-09-23 Dima73update ru.po
2015-09-23 technlUpdate Turkish translation, by asiBenlik
2015-09-21 technlUpdate French translation, added preferred tuner transl...
2015-09-19 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-09-13 technlUpdate French translation, Added translation for: Auto...
2015-09-13 TechMerge pull request #35 from Taapat/pull
2015-09-08 Dima73update Russian locale
2015-09-06 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-09-01 Dima73Update Russian locale
2015-08-30 Taykun345Update for Slovenian language
2015-08-28 blzrsome cleanup - all empty comments removed from the...
2015-08-27 technlLatest norwegian bokmal translation with the new string...
2015-08-24 technlUpdated slovak translation, thnx Janda
2015-08-24 technlUpdate French translations : add new strings by Pr2
2015-08-21 TaapatRestore deleted in Latvian translation
2015-08-21 technltiny update Dutch translations
2015-08-21 MirakelsLanguage pot file renewal. Removed all obsolete transla...
2015-08-21 Mirakelsfr language update by Pr2
2015-08-20 MirakelsUpdate all po/language files
2015-08-20 Mirakelspo Makefile: force .pot file to have UTF-8 charset
2015-08-20 support non-ascii characters (UTF-8)
2015-08-20 technlAnother french translation, add missing string + some...
2015-08-17 technlthe latest norwegian bokmal with updated strings, done...
2015-08-16 technlAnother update for the dutch translation......
2015-08-15 technlUpdate Dutch translations...
2015-08-15 technlUpdate Dutch translations
2015-08-15 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-08-14 Athanasios OikonomouUpdate Hellenic Translation
2015-08-14 technlUpdate French translations, by Pr2
2015-08-08 technlUpdate French translation : Latest string translated...
2015-07-28 technlfrench translation (2015/07/27). Change the "commit...
2015-07-26 TaapatRestore some translations in lv.po removed on automatic...
2015-07-26 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-07-26 blzrlatest Polish translations update
2015-07-19 technlEstonian translation
2015-07-02 technlEstonian translation 1st July 2015
2015-06-28 technlFrench translation, added new strings and some correcti...
2015-06-28 technlUpdated Slovakian translation, thnx Janda
2015-06-26 imsUpdate estonian translations by Zeros and Very small...
2015-06-14 technlUpdate for French po files, thnx Pr2.
2015-06-13 TaapatUpdated Latvian translation with latest gettext and...
2015-06-12 technlUpdate Estonian translation, Thanks to Henkka, rimas...
2015-06-07 technlEstonian translation 7 June 2015 et.po
2015-06-02 technlUpdate Estonian translation, thanks to rimas
2015-05-31 technlFrench translations for e2 updated, no new strings...
2015-05-28 technlUpdate Estonian translation
2015-05-22 technlUpdate norwegian bokmal language, thnx andy1
2015-05-05 imsActualised-cs.po
2015-05-05 technlUpdate French language, thnx again Pr2
2015-05-05 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-04-20 technlUpdate French language, thnx Pr2.
2015-04-11 imsactualised cs.po
2015-04-11 blzrlatest Polish translations update ("POT-Creation-Date...
2015-04-10 technlUpdate for enigma2 : Dutch language.
2015-04-04 imsenigma2 - update estonian translate by zeros
2015-04-04 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation