2012-11-01 MirakelsAdd doxygen documentation system
2012-11-01 LittlesatInfoBarGenerics: Make blue button in Numberzap toggable
2012-10-31 LittlesatInfobargenerics: Zap to fist userbouquet with alternati...
2012-10-29 radxnlInputDeviceSetup: add et4x00 remote control
2012-10-28 Mike LooijmansUse a caching wrapper around eRawFile for tstools inste...
2012-10-27 Mike Looijmansrawfile: Set POSIX_FADV_SEQUENTIAL
2012-10-27 Mike LooijmansiTsSource: Remove lseek()
2012-10-26 Mike LooijmansMovieList: Remove unused SCOPE_HDD
2012-10-26 LittlesatMediaPlayer: Add Movieplayer infobar
2012-10-25 Mike Looijmansdemux: Don't use sync_file_range
2012-10-24 imssolved crash for hide channel list in radio mode
2012-10-23 MirakelsgLCDDC: cosmetic white space and extra eDebug to show...
2012-10-22 MirakelsGraphMultiEpg: support separate background image for...
2012-10-22 Mirakelsrefactor code to find images for recorded events in epg
2012-10-22 Mike Looijmansdemux: Don't call fdatasync during flush
2012-10-21 Mirakelsservicemp3: properly find basic subtitle files
2012-10-21 LittlesatSoftwareUpdate: Add timestamp of latest image available
2012-10-20 Mirakelsepng: fix gray type and tRNS chunk processing
2012-10-20 Mike Looijmansservicem2ts.cpp: Remove unused "cached" mode
2012-10-20 Mike LooijmansMake it explicit who's using rawfile in "cached" mode
2012-10-20 Mike Looijmansdb.cpp: Fix (?) compiler warning 'return without value'
2012-10-20 Mike Looijmanststools: Separate internal/external methods, remove...
2012-10-19 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Stop sending data to mux after thread termination
2012-10-16 Mike Looijmansrawfile: Remove unused 'setfd' method, make close(...
2012-10-15 Mike Looijmansidvb: Join stopFile and stopSource into "stop"
2012-10-15 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Also allow interrupting EOF flush
2012-10-14 Mirakelsepng: re-add support for all png types
2012-10-14 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Faster "stop" and remove unused start() methods
2012-10-14 Mike Looijmansfilepush: Reduce overly complex filterRecordData and...
2012-10-13 Mirakelsepng: cosmetic whitespace, debug messages
2012-10-13 Mike LooijmansHarddisk: Remove mountpoint after unmounting (fixes...
2012-10-13 Mike Cleanup namespace pollution because "from...
2012-10-13 Mike LooijmansHarddisk: Remove createMovieFolder
2012-10-13 Mike LooijmansHarddisk: Support for >2TB disks and parted
2012-10-13 pietergAutoDiseqc: skip final confirmation
2012-10-12 pietergVideoHardware: fix 1080p60 mode string
2012-10-10 pietergLanguage: try to set all locale categories
2012-10-09 imsset revertMode to None after Zap
2012-10-05 LittlesatInfobarGenerics: Remove not required numberzap search
2012-10-05 pietergtimer: keep short timer activation poll interval, when...
2012-10-05 pietergwhitespace fixes
2012-10-04 pietergadd missing pt_BR.po (empty)
2012-10-04 Erik SlagterFrontend: Fix for commit fbc609017bc42b19402ea07ef14db5...
2012-10-04 pietergwhitespace fixes
2012-10-04 pietergLanguageSelection: get rid of language_cache hack
2012-10-04 pietergLanguageSelection: allow ll_LL.png as flag image name
2012-10-04 pietergadd brazilian to the language selection list
2012-10-04 imsremoved duplicate strings for instantrecording
2012-10-04 pietergevent: whitespace fixes
2012-10-03 Mike Looijmansepgcache: Add ONID-based blacklist function (bigroma)
2012-10-03 Erik SlagterFrontend: Add SNR approximation in dB for VU+Duo NIMs.
2012-10-01 pietergInfoBarGenerics: message cosmetics
2012-10-01 pietergInfoBarGenerics: rename zapToService --> selectAndStart...
2012-10-01 pietergRevert "InfoBarGenerics: rename zapToService --> select...
2012-10-01 pietergepgcache: do not allow public access to raw eventData...
2012-10-01 pietergInfoBarGenerics: rename zapToService --> selectAndStart...
2012-09-30 pietergInfoBarGenerics: function naming cosmetics
2012-09-29 pietergVideoWizard: store video settings when the wizard completes
2012-09-29 pietergVideoWizard: allow 'multi' rate for 1080p
2012-09-29 pietergvideowizard.xml: message cosmetics, 10s --> 20s
2012-09-29 pietergStartWizard: remove obsolete config
2012-09-29 pietergstartwizard.xml: message cosmetics
2012-09-29 pietergstartwizard.xml: do not start a service scan by default
2012-09-29 pietergstartwizard.xml: message cosmetics
2012-09-28 pietergsetup.xml: message cosmetics
2012-09-27 pietergepgcache: add sanitycheck on eventData buffer size
2012-09-25 LittlesatFastscan: HD-list as default and remove double import
2012-09-24 LittlesatSetup.xml: Re-add zapmode (was removed by accident)
2012-09-23 Mike LooijmansHarddisk: Handle spaces in mount points
2012-09-23 pietergSatfinder: start up with current transponder
2012-09-23 pietergSatfinder: cosmetics (whitespace fixes)
2012-09-23 pietergNimManager / Satconfig: correctly handle the new 'autom...
2012-09-22 Erik SlagterFrontend: Warnings: Work around two compilation warnings to
2012-09-22 Erik SlagterFrontend: Cosmetics: Code layout consistence. Major...
2012-09-22 Erik SlagterFrontend: Add SNR approximation in dB for VU+ NIMs.
2012-09-21 MirakelsBe polite
2012-09-21 radxnlSoftwareUpdate: fix typo
2012-09-20 pieterginstall fza.png/faz.png
2012-09-20 pietergSoftwareUpdate: use ngettext for messages with plural...
2012-09-20 pietergNimManager: use 'simple' mode as default for DVB-S...
2012-09-20 pietergVideomode plugin: message cosmetics
2012-09-20 pietergavoid ambiguity between SatConfig 'Mode' and video...
2012-09-20 pietergNimManager: message cosmetics
2012-09-20 pietergNimManager: whitespace fixes
2012-09-20 pietergSatconfig / AutoDiseqc: remove 'auto' mode
2012-09-20 pietergSatconfig: message cosmetics
2012-09-20 pietergSatconfig: fix whitespace errors
2012-09-20 pietergCi: enable 'high bitrate' by default
2012-09-20 pietergSoftwareManager: message cosmetics
2012-09-20 pietergnl.po: cosmetics
2012-09-20 pietergInstallWizard: fix typo
2012-09-19 pietergcosmetic: rephrase a few messages, and do not translate...
2012-09-19 pietergdutch translation updates
2012-09-19 pietergSoftwareUpdate: fix boxtype check in beta status
2012-09-19 imscosmetics in cs.po
2012-09-18 radxnlNimManager: default should be nothing connected
2012-09-18 radxnlSoftwareUpdate: add option to update channel list only
2012-09-18 radxnlStartWizard: cosmetics
2012-09-18 radxnlInstallWizard: restart network if link is/was down
2012-09-18 radxnlstartwizard.xml: add extra screen for network connectio...