2015-07-25 christophecvrExtrenal srt problem gst-1 solved.
2015-07-25 christophecvrImprovement off code by cuesheet servicemp3
2015-07-25 christophecvrExtra correction for gst-1 start sequence.
2015-07-25 littlesatMerge pull request #4 from athoik/fix_github_commit_log
2015-07-24 Athanasios... About: read commit logs from Github using json api
2015-07-23 pietergget rid of hardcoded TS packetsize
2015-07-23 Dima73update skin_display_et8500.xml
2015-07-23 littlesatPliExtraInfo: frontend data unknown return empty string
2015-07-22 littlesatMerge pull request #1 from Dima73/master
2015-07-22 Dima73Merge branch 'OpenPLi/master'
2015-07-22 Dima73Standby: fix stop service in standby if box automatic...
2015-07-21 littlesatPliExtraInfo: Indicate also data in case of streamed...
2015-07-20 pietergScanSetup: add missing FEC_Auto option in S2 transponde...
2015-07-19 technlEstonian translation
2015-07-12 christophecvrSmall correction on cuesheet support servicemp3.
2015-07-12 littlesatservicemp3: Solution for CD with more than 9 tracks
2015-07-12 betacentauriIPTV recording in E2
2015-07-12 christophecvrCorrected start sequence off servicemp3 in e2. Only...
2015-07-12 christophecvrAdded chapter support for servicesMP3 Movies.
2015-07-12 christophecvrAdded cue-sheet to servicemp3.
2015-07-04 littlesatOSD3DSetup: Add sanity check
2015-07-04 littlesatFix issue when justplay timer is busy and you start...
2015-07-04 littlesatStreamline double timer check in TimerSanityCheck
2015-07-02 technlEstonian translation 1st July 2015
2015-06-28 technlFrench translation, added new strings and some correcti...
2015-06-28 technlUpdated Slovakian translation, thnx Janda
2015-06-27 HuevosSolve ScanSetup Issues with DVB-T2
2015-06-26 imsUpdate estonian translations by Zeros and Very small...
2015-06-24 Dima73new option for "Location"
2015-06-22 imsSanity check when is changed dir - due changes in Filelist.
2015-06-15 Dima73Fix various problems with et7000/et7500/et8500 remote
2015-06-14 technlUpdate for French po files, thnx Pr2.
2015-06-13 TaapatUpdated Latvian translation with latest gettext and...
2015-06-13 Dima73add gettext title
2015-06-13 Dima73added gettext plugin name and description
2015-06-13 Dima73Fix problem with the logic of the top directory
2015-06-12 technlUpdate Estonian translation, Thanks to Henkka, rimas...
2015-06-07 littlesatMovieList: Solve an issue with a check that always...
2015-06-07 technlEstonian translation 7 June 2015 et.po
2015-06-07 littlesatTimerSanityCheck: Solve check with alternatives
2015-06-06 Dima73skip_t2 move as the last parameter
2015-06-06 Dima73added new vuplus t2 scan and sundtek hardware blindscan...
2015-06-02 technlUpdate Estonian translation, thanks to rimas
2015-05-31 technlFrench translations for e2 updated, no new strings...
2015-05-31 littlesatRevert "Add screensaver to MovieSelection preview mode"
2015-05-31 littlesatRevert "Small finetunning to the ScreenSaver in MovieSe...
2015-05-31 littlesatRevert "MovieSelection: Remove identical keypressScreen...
2015-05-30 Mike LooijmansUsageConfig: write str(i) instead of "%d"%i
2015-05-30 Mike LooijmansUsageConfig: Simplify timeout choices for screensaver
2015-05-30 Mike LooijmansMovieSelection: Remove identical keypressScreenSaver...
2015-05-28 technlUpdate Estonian translation
2015-05-27 Taapatbsod: remove unused getConfigBool
2015-05-22 littlesatOnly close movieplayer list in standby when parental...
2015-05-22 Mike LooijmanseSocket: Inline getDescriptor
2015-05-22 Mike Looijmansnetwork/socket.cpp: Fix high CPU usage while not in...
2015-05-22 Mike LooijmansRevert "Revert "socket: use getaddrinfo""
2015-05-22 littlesatSmall finetunning to the ScreenSaver in MovieSelection
2015-05-22 littlesatAdd screensaver to MovieSelection preview mode
2015-05-22 technlUpdate norwegian bokmal language, thnx andy1
2015-05-21 littlesatRevert "socket: use getaddrinfo"
2015-05-20 Erik add export for HOME.
2015-05-19 regagainOmit only short auto tags. Real tags will not be omitte...
2015-05-19 Mike Looijmansepgcache: Allow Python threads to run while searching...
2015-05-19 betacentaurieEPGCache: Don't access iterator after erase
2015-05-18 pietergsocket: use getaddrinfo
2015-05-16 radxnlRevert "eEPGCache: Don't access iterator after erase"
2015-05-16 betacentaurieDVBCAHandler: Prevent memory access of out of scope...
2015-05-16 betacentaurieMainloop: Prevent invalid read in valgrind
2015-05-16 betacentaurieEPGCache: Don't access iterator after erase
2015-05-16 betacentaurieDVBLocalTimeHandler: Don't access iterator after erase
2015-05-16 betacentaurigRC: Initialize variables before use
2015-05-16 littlesatRevert "socket: use getaddrinfo"
2015-05-16 littlesatRevert "serversocket-remove-unused-variable-res-in...
2015-05-16 Taapatserversocket-remove-unused-variable-res-in-eServerSo
2015-05-15 pietergsocket: use getaddrinfo
2015-05-11 imsEPGCache - fixed swapped parameters in fread and fwrite
2015-05-11 betacentauriFix crash when writing epg cache to the disk
2015-05-07 pietergfb: fix retvals
2015-05-07 pieterggdi: add sanitychecks on framebuffer fd
2015-05-06 Athanasios... Cache AAC pid in lamedb
2015-05-06 imsGMEPG - use GMEPGSelectAction instead EPGSelectAction
2015-05-06 dima73menu.xml: added entryID("keyboard_setup" and "lcd_setup")
2015-05-05 imsActualised-cs.po
2015-05-05 technlUpdate French language, thnx again Pr2
2015-05-05 TaapatUpdate Latvian translation
2015-05-05 Athanasios... servicemp3: syncronize GstPlayFlags with GStreamer
2015-05-05 Athanasios... servicemp3: don't rely on playbin default GstPlayFlags
2015-05-02 blzrtimezone.xml: test version that includes zone adjustments
2015-05-01 imsGMEPG - Primetime/Now under Blue, Input date/time under...
2015-05-01 imsGMEPG - fix for toggle primetime/now with shortcut...
2015-05-01 imsGMEPG - added toggle between primetime and now under...
2015-04-30 dima73GMEPG: Add option for "Prime time"
2015-04-30 MirakelsMore debug cosmetics
2015-04-26 betacentauriAdd SIGTERM signalhandler
2015-04-26 dima73Satconfig: save configfile (e.g. GSOD --> not save)
2015-04-26 imsServiceList - backward compatible when is not used...
2015-04-26 imsServiceList - adapt progressPercentWidth for FullHD...
2015-04-23 Athanasios... downloadWithProgress: support https with connectSSL
2015-04-22 Athanasios... RedirectOutput: Add missing self into flush and impleme...
2015-04-22 littlesatMovieList: Solve indent "issues" and whitespaces added...